About Witchcraft


Here you will find information on the religion of Witchcraft. After thousands of years of "bad press" we are coming out of the "broom closet" to educate the public about ourselves and our religion. We hope by this endeavor to counteract the tendency to associate psychotic events or pseudo-occult rites with the practices of our life-affirming congregations. Moreover, we acknowledge the need to establish a rapport with the ecumenical religious community.

The Covenant of the Goddess, which compiled and distributes this information, is a league of congregations, or covens, from all over the United States, with members in Canada and abroad. It was incorporated in California on October 31, 1975 as a non-profit religious corporation, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of any church. The Covenant has been a part of the Berkeley Area Interfaith Council for the past decade, and through it participates in the North American Interfaith Network.

We have included in this information a brief statement on each of the following:

Of necessity, we have merely highlighted these aspects for you. We can only begin to illustrate the entire panorama of our diverse religion, but we have tried to convey a basic understanding of the Craft of Wicca.

On request we can furnish more detailed information or a representative authorized to speak on our behalf.

Blessed Be!

Northern California Local Council

Covenant of the Goddess

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