Collections of Lore


Basic Info and FAQS

alt.pagan FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions from alt.pagan.
alt.religion.wicca FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions from alt.religion.wicca
Brandy Williams
Essays on a variety of topics, with a special section on the History of Witchcraft including pointers to other web pages on the subject.
Elizabeth Barrette
Essays on a various spiritual topics. Many have appeared in magical journals and other publications.
The Coven Abuse Self-Help Index (CASHI): A Tool for Survival, Evasion and Escape
CASHI can aid novices and others in avoiding common abusive situations that occur in covens and other metaphysical working groups.
Handfasting FAQ
Basic information on handfastings and links to other handfasting and wedding related sites.
Ivy Pages: On-line Magickal Archives
Articles on Wicca & Paganism from a variety of sources.
Jehanna Silverwing's Pagan & Wiccan page
Files, book recommendations, counseling for Pagan clergy and more.
Medea's Chariot - Pagan Gods Page
Links to the myths of many cultures and Medea's essays about mythology within Pagan/Neopagan spirituality.
House Shadow Drake
Resources about Traditional Witchcraft, Paganism, Celts, Vikings, and Herbalism.
Lysator Neo-Paganism Archive
An extensive archive covering many facets of the Pagan world.
Rain Puddles
Links and archives on NeoPaganism.
Raven Wing's Wiccan Home Page
Content about Wicca, Chaplain's handbook entry, etc.
Usenet posting on Wicca
A variety of unindexed postings to alt.pagan, alt.religion.wicca, etc.
Wiccan Rede Project
This site postulates that Gwen Thompson's Rede poem is the source of the Wiccan Rede in modern Craft.

Archives of Ritual

Red Deer and Elenya's Wicca 101
Class lectures, rituals and general information.
Robin Wood's Livingtree Grove BOS
Basic info on altars and celebrations.
Stardancer's Wheel of the Year
A collection of quarter and seasonal liturgies - with a place to add one's own!
Mists of Time
Elkin Vanaeon's Wiccan site has articles by him on Wiccan, Celtic and Proto-Celtic history plus a ritual archive.
Witch Wisdom
An archive of spells and rituals posted to the Witch Wisdom mailing list.
The Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire of Francesca De Grandis
Rituals, poems, spells, articles and other resources.
Cave of the Word Witch
Many "scrolls" of information about magick, ritual, and spirituality.
Pagan Library
Articles, stories, music, rituals and various thoughts on what it is to be Neo-Pagan.
Carmina Gaelica - Ortha nan Gaidheal
The first Volume of the Carmina Gaelica in both Gaidhlig and English.
Basic info, archives of rituals for seasonal and magical rituals, articles and more.

Archives of Useful Information

Dragon Line/Spirit Line
Research resources for Leylines.
Ancient Astrology and Divination on the Web
This an organized, annotated set of more than 100 links to reliable information about ancient (primarily Greek and Roman) astrology and divination. I
Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions
Essays on a wide variety of spiritual topics.
Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Traditional and Esoteric sections have a variety of resources about Paganism and magic.
Hermetic Fellowship Website
Resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, including excellent topical resource links.
Ancient Texts Library
Ancient religious, metaphysical, mythological, philosophical, and historical texts from many cultures.

Medieval Magic

Alchemy Web
Over 90 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Divided into over 1300 sections and providing tens of thousands of pages of text, over 2000 images, over 200 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, introductory and general reference material on alchemy.
Norton's Imperium - Enochian Magick Papers and Links
Featuring Enochian and Thelemic papers, classics of magic (eg Key of Solomon in pdf) and much more.

Ogham Resources

Curtis Clark's Ogham page
A discussion of the tree ogham and a Windows ogham font.
Every Ogham thing on the Web
Extensive links to Ogham - fonts, scholarly info, books and lots, lots more!
Ogham: A System of Celtic Divination
Colleen Whitaker offers a system of Ogham divination.

Folklore, Mythology and Pagan Religion

Link Pages

Digital Librarian: Mythology
Links to mythology on the web.
Religion, Mythology and Folklore
Mitsuharu Matsuoka's list of links to sites.
Mythology on the Web
Many links to the world's mythologies.
Myths and Legends
Christopher B. Siren's links to world mythology and folklore - even modern forms like gothic and science fiction.
Myth*ing Links
An annotated, illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales & folklore, sacred arts & sacred traditions.

General Mythology

Eliki's Gods, Goddesses & Myths
Articles on a variety of myths and pantheons.
Encyclopedia Mystica
A project to create an online encyclopedia of mythology, magic, myths, legends, folklore from all over the world and from all times.
Encyclopedia Mythica
An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, magic, and more. It contains over 4300 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world.
Of Gods & Men
And encyclopedia of Myth and Legend covering many cultures.
The Joseph Campbell Foundation: The Net of Gems
Information on Campbell's work and links to myth sites around the net.
The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
A classic work of reference from 1894.
Obsidian's Dictionary of Pantheons
Lists of deities with descriptions from a variety of regions. Also, see World Ethnic, Indigenous, Pagan and Neopagan Religions links.
Myths & Legends
Links to all things mythic.
Midhnott Sol Regintroth Scandinavian Studies Archive
Complete texts of various translations of the Eddas and other Folklore, Histories and Chronicles, Sagas and Heroic Tales plus texts In Old Norse, Old Saxon, Old English, etc.

Classical Mythology

Ancient Greek Mythology
Descriptions of Greek God/desses (Titans, Olympians and others) Heros, and creatures, plus stories and other resources.
Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites
Links to texts, images, resources and maps.
Biblioteca Arcana
E-texts and information on Hellenic Paganism and NeoPaganism.
Classical Mythology Images
CLA 212 at Princeton - the most important images (classical and later) used in CLA 212. Gods, Titans, Monsters, Trojan War, and more.
Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources
Links to ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology.
Greek Mythology Link
Based on Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology, by Carlos Parada.
Mythmedia: Mythology in Western Art
Images of the main Greek deities from various periods of Western art have been scanned and organized according to their names. Great!
MIT Internet Classics Archive
Almost 400 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation) in a searchable archive.
Perseus Project
A digital library project offering texts and images from the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.
Seasonal Festivals of the Greeks and Romans
Seasonal lore presented by Apollonius Sophistes.
Women in Classical Mythology
Biographies of the Goddesses, Immortals and mortal women of Classical Mythology.
Morford and Lenardon's Classical Mythology
Glossaries of persons, excellent maps and other companion resources to this widely used mythology text.
Olympians, Titans and other Gods with their myths and stories. a guide to the Ancient Greek Pantheon of Gods (Theoi), Spirits (Daimones) and Monsters (Theres)
Individual entries the various divinities & monsters containing quotes sourced from a wide and growing variety of Classical Texts. Many are also illustrated with pictures from C5th BC Greek Vase Painting.

Classical Magic

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity
A collection by the University of Michigan Library showcasing manuals of magical practices, a collection of protective devices, and highlights some of the more aggressive uses of ancient magic.
Magic Bibliographies and Resources
Ancient Greek perceptions of magic (particularly archaic and classical Greek literary sources).
Magic in the Daily Life of a Roman Province
A treatment of the North African background of Apuleius's trial for sorcery.

Egyptian Mythology

Caroline Seawright's Egyptology Column
Articles on Egyptian deities.
Medical Arts in Ancient Egypt
A description of The Temple of Haroeris and Sobek at Kom Ombo.

Sumerian Mythology

Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL)
The corpus comprises more than 350 literary works composed in the Sumerian language in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) during the late third and early second millennia BCE. Includes transliterations, English prose translations and bibliographical information for each composition.

European Folklore and Myths

Ancient Religion of the Finns
An essay on early Finnish religious practice.
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
D. L. Ashliman's site of northern European folklore texts.
The Other Side
This mystic page features ghost stories - but also a collection of Bretagne folktales.
An historical overview of Valkyrie lore.
Ancient Lithuanian Mythology and Religion
An essay describing the ancients Gods and Goddesses of Lithuania.
Baltic Heritage Page
Latvian history and information, the round of seasonal festivals is described.
Pan Slavic Traditions and Beliefs
Links to pages featuring a variety of Slavic traditions.

British Isles Folklore and Myths

Celtic Twilight
An online collection of texts from Gildas to Spencer to Mark Twain along with Goddodin, the Mabinogian and other Arthurian source works.
Isle of Avalon Knowledge Bank
From Glastonbury lore to interests ranging throughout past and present and future.

An Irish Myth Concordence
A concordance of the Irish mythological cycle based on Lady Gregory's Gods and Fighting Men
British Mythology - The Mabinogion
Full text of Math The Son of Mathonwy and a summary of Pwyll Prince of Dyfed.
Gathering of the Clans
Information on Scottish folklore, history, culture
Irish Literature, mythology, folklore and drama
A link page with lots of Irish mythology links.
Tin B Cualgne
The Cattle-Raid of Cooley is the central epic of the Ulster cycle.
Our Bright Fire - Brighid
A page dedicated to the Goddess Brighid - with links to many others.
Lugodoc's Page
Excellent precis of the Irish and Welsh myth cycles, plus a shrine to Horned Gods.
Tam Lin Pages
Many versions of the Tam Lin ballad and interpreting Tam Lin's symbols.

Curtis Clark's Ogham page
A discussion of the tree ogham and a Windows ogham font.
Every Ogham thing on the Web
Extensive links to Ogham - fonts, scholarly info, books and lots, lots more!
Ogham: A System of Celtic Divination
Colleen Whitaker offers a system of Ogham divination.

What We Don't Know About the Ancient Celts
An article on Ancient Celtic religion by Rowan Fairgrove, published in The Pomegranate.

Megalithic sites

The Megalith Map
A resource for finding any stone circle or stone row in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
The Stone Pages
Megalithic sites in Europe. Wonderful pictures and thorough textual glossing on the ones I viewed!

Fairy/Faery Lore

The Realm of the Fae
An illustrated dictionary of Fae arranged by element.
Fairy lore and links.
Fairy Page by Eileen Holland
General Fairy lore and the lore of plant Fairies.
Swift Hollow
Fairy art and descriptions.

Other Folklore and Myths

Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses
Biographies and artwork depicting Hawaiian deities.
Buryat Home Page: Shamanism, Folklore, and Poetry
The magical land of Lake Baikal, the great Siberian taiga, and the Sayan Mountains has produced a unique culture that is world renowned for its shamanist traditions and epic poetry. See his links to Shamanism from other Siberian Traditions.


Avalon: Arthurian Heaven
Resources for researching Arthurian legend and contacting others of like interest.

Mummer's Plays

The Mumming Play of King George and the Turkish Knight
Green Dome Temple offers a traditional mummer's play with photos from their performance.


Third Stone
Exploring the edge between between archaeology, mythology and folklore. At the Edge (archives) and Mercian Mysteries successor.

Medieval Witch Trial and Historical Witchcraft information

The Dark Side of Christian History
A page devoted to Helen Ellerbe's small-press history book, the chapter on Witchburning is offered on the web.
Joan's Witch directory - historical information on the Burning Times.
Witchcraft Archive
Material on the "witchcraze" period, roughly 1300-1750.
Witchcraft Bibliography Project
Bibliography of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and America.
Cornell University Library Witchcraft Collection
Over 3,000 titles documenting the history of the Inquisition and the persecution of witchcraft. Some of the books in the Witchcraft Collection have been scanned can be found on-line!

17th c. Colonial New England, with special emphasis on The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692
Primary sources and links for those interested in the Salem trials and Colonial history.


When Do You Want To Go Today?
Lots of calendrical info and links.

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