Nine Weeks for the Earth

Here is a _partial_ list of the over 70 events that that have been scheduled so far as part of the UN 50 celebration:

The Fast for the Earth (April 21st, San Francisco CA, sponsor: Interfaith Council for the UN)

Earth Day 25: Working Toward the Year 2000 (April 22nd, worldwide, sponsor: Earth Day International) San Francisco Revisited; An exhibition of major artifacts related to the founding of the UN. (April 26th - June 26th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: UN 50 Committee & De Young Museum)

Contract on the Environment: Congress vs. Turtle Island (April 28th, Berkeley CA, sponsor: Indigenous Peoples Comittee)

Interfaith Ritual Celebrating All of Creation (May 7th, TBA, sponsor: EarthSpirit Council of Northern California)

Renewing the Vision; Commemorative ceremony honoring President Franklin Roosevelt's contribution in the establishment of the UN. (May 19th, Muir Woods CA, sponsor: UN Association - CA Division)

Women and the UN; A series of panels & discussions to honor the evolving role of women in the UN. (May 28th, June 4th, June 18th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: Women's Intercultural Network)

Food Not Bombs International Gathering (June 15th to June 26th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: Food Not Bombs)

Celebrating the Spirit: Towards a Global Ethic (June 19th - 21st, Berkeley CA, sponsor: Celebrating the Spirit)

The Future of the UN & the US; Former US Ambassadors to the UN explore the changing role of the US within this world body. (June 20th, Berkeley CA, sponsor: UN 50 & Southern Center for international Studies)

Women's Rights: Visible and Invisible; Panel discussion and hearings will serve to publicize the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (June 20th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: Amnesty International USA)

Rediscovering Justice - UN Interfaith Conference for Youth; led by Bishop Desmond Tutu (June 22nd - 25th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: University of San Francisco & Grace Cathedral)

Children's World Peace Festival 1995 (June 24th, Sausalito CA, sponsor: Pathways to Peace)

UN 50th Anniversary Concert; The San Francisco Opera presents Marilyn Horne and a world premiere especially commissioned for this occasion. (June 24th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: San Francisco Opera)

Interfaith Service; A "Service of Celebration" honoring the unity of the human family, including presenter Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretary General of the UN. (June 25th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: Grace Cathedral)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Britain's national orchestra in performance. (June 25th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: San Francisco Symphony)

Vision of Peace Forum; A conference of the living Nobel Peace Prize winners. (June 25th to 26th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: UN 50 Committee)

UN Charter Day Program Charter Ceremony; including all 185 UN Ambassadors and a "major policy address" by President Bill Clinton. (June 26th, San Francisco CA, sponsor: UN 50 Committee)

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Nine Weeks for the Earth

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