Who We are

We, the Board of Directors of Celebrating The Spirit, invite you to participate in the creation of this world event. Your contributions in the form of financial donations, creativity, time, and resources are encouraged, and will be well used.

When we join together it will happen!

The Board of Directors of CTS includes: Elder Rowan Fairgrove (Network Officer), Elder Donald H. Frew III (Secretary), Guruji Grace Love, Charlene Magzhi, Rev. P. Gerard O'Rourke (Archdiocese of San Francisco), Rt. Rev. David Ponedel (Vice President), Sonny Raina, Rev. Dawn Rubin (Treasurer), Helen Spector (Trustee, CPWR), Rev. Aaron Zerah (President).

Honorary Board Members: Rabbi Joseph Gelberman (Pres., New Seminary); Daniel Gomez-Ibanez, Dr. Irfan Khan (Trustee, CPWR); Doug Kruschke (Pres., InSynergy); Rev. Deborah Ann Light (Member, Assembly of Religious & Spiritual Leaders), Barbara Marx-Hubbard (Foundation for Conscious Evolution), Huston Smith (Prof., UC Berkeley), Dona Smith-Powers (Pres., Interfaith Institute), Prof. Leonard Swidler (Dir., Inst. For Interreligious Intercultural Dialogue), Rev. Dr. Charles White (North Amer. Interfaith Network).

The following organizations have endorsed or are collaborating with CTS:

For more information, please contact:

Celebrating the Spirit
P.O. Box 4490
Berkeley, CA 94704

Or call:

Rev. Aaron Zerah (408) 479-9484
Rt. Rev. David Ponedel (510) 848-2361

Celebrating the Spirit is a project of the Berkeley Area Interfaith Council, a federally registered 501(c)3 agency. Donations are tax deductible. Please make contribution checks payable to Celebrating the Spirit.

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