ERLAN Bylaws Amendments


Amendments Adopted by Consensus 7/5/96 AT 15:15:10 EDT

1. This proposal is to expand the voting membership of ERLAN even further. There is plenty of ERAL/ERLAN publications work that could be done -- more than any one person could be reasonably expected to do in her or his spare time. This proposal is to bring in Morgaine and Ronad SinClair as full voting ERLAN members once they decide how to split the journalistic work among them and provide appropriate job descriptions, which should include the basic previously described work of the journalist and such additional related work as they can do to make their contribution to our efforts significant.

(Since Morgaine cant do this at present, the 2nd journalist Voting Membership position is available to another Volunteer)

2. That the rules of ERAL be changed to allow forwarding of ERLAN e-mail to active ERAL case coordinators (even if it is not your own), so they can be brought into our decision making process as ad hoc consultants.

3. That a position in ERLAN be opened for someone to maintain a digest of ERLAN messages (if our chronicler would need help if this were added to the job).


Amendments Adopted by Consensus 8/5/96

Use of donations to ERAL

Larry Cornett did an Earth Religions Rights networking workshop at Starwood, at 11:00 AM on Sunday, July 28th, and received $49 in donations. Only six people attended, since most people were either packing to leave, merchanting, or sleeping or recovering from being up all night (or most of Saturday night) at the Bonfire, etc.

Everyone attending thought that ERAL is a great idea, and was interested in getting involved in Earth Religions Rights work - although only three were on-line. I have sent two of them subscription messages, since the third was me.

The idea of a national directory of public Earth religions rights contacts, broken down by state, and a private directory for activists only, was brought up by one of the participants. I suggest that the $49 be earmarked towards this purpose.

We do not currently have e-mail addresses for most WARD or WADL contacts, and the money could be used to help cover the cost of a 3 page mailing to perhaps 100 or so persons and organizations, including, at a minimum, a 2 page questionnaire and something about ERAL.

A volunteer to do or coordinate the work on this is needed. The work would involve:

1. Creating a registration form for the directory, along with something about ERAL

2. Compiling a mailing list (with the help of WARD, WADL, WLPA, AMER, CoPRR, ERAA, etc.)

3. Creating anything else to go out with the mailing

4. Implementing a mailing to Earth Religion Rights activists and organizations using e-mail for those on-line and snail mail for others.

5. Processing the results to create the public and private directory

It would be nice if we could get some more money for printing, since up to eight pages (four printed both sides of a page) can be mailed with a single stamp. A longer mailing could include something like

1. The mobilization in cyberspace article (modified to include information about the directory and a solicitation of donations) -one page

2. The list of public ERAL contacts and major national organizations -one page

3. A two page questionnaire

4. The envelope addressed to the ERAL (or ERLAN) contact for this project, along with a place stamp here note.

4. The Freedom of Religion in the United States brochure written by Marija (two pages)

(it would be nice to send them some useful legal information that they can reprint in the mailing)

If there is interest, perhaps we could get additional money for printing and perhaps a larger mailing by soliciting funds from our membership. We could also save postage by trying to get WARD, etc. to send it to their members. However, most of these organizations are really hurting for funds, and perhaps something from us would be more likely to succeed. We have the leaders of several Earth Religion Rights organizations among our members, and their endorsement of the project would be useful.

The public version of the list of contacts could be e-mailed to Pagani Worldwide, the Circle Guide and other Earth Religionist Directories and publications and posted on our website. The private version (with additional contacts) could be posted to ERAL and perhaps sent in hard copy form to earth religion rights activists not on-line, if we get additional money for the printing and mailing.

Scanners/Electronic conversion

That two positions be created in ERLAN for volunteers who will scan documents that are available only in hard copy and convert them to digital format for posting on our FTP site.

The work would be coordinated by our legal archivist


Amendments approved by consensus 8/12/96 at 4:05 PM EDT

ERLAN Contacts Compiler.

This position is available to the person who leads the effort to create and keep up to date a public and a private directory of Earth religion rights contacts, sorted by State in the US and Province in Canada. The Contacts Compiler would also help distribute the directories (with help from our Journalists, etc.).

Decision making for Disciplinary Action

Any disciplinary actions concerning members who seriously violate the rules by the Moderator or acting Moderator (such as gross violation of the rules on confidentiality) is subject to review and finalization by our Board, including determining the duration of any disciplinary action. The Board may also initiate such actions. The Board has the power to set up such mechanisms as it may find appropriate to determine guilt or innocence (such as a Jury system among ERAL members), sentencing, or mediation.

When ERLAN is incorporated and has a Board of Trustees, these duties will be transferred from the ERLAN Board to the Board of Trustees.


Amendments adopted by Consensus 8/24/96

Copyright Coordinator

The Copyright Coordinator is responsible for obtaining copyright permission for documents that ERLAN will post on the Internet, make available for books on Earth Religion Rights, and otherwise distribute.

The ERLAN Archivist is responsible for overseeing the work of the Copyright Coordinator, with help from the Legal Coordinator -- when needed.


The Incorporator is responsible for:

1. Drafting articles of incorporation, etc. for ERLAN that would be consistent with 501c3 status and ERLAN organizational bylaws (but not lock in those bylaws in their present form).

2. Completing the final version, in cooperation with the ERLAN members

3. Signing the incorporation papers, along with others approved by ERLAN

4. Filing the necessary papers to obtain such corporate status.

5. Answering queries, and doing what is necessary to actually obtain Corporate status

6. Recruiting and coordinating the work of other volunteers who will assist in these efforts

The name of the corporation shall be something other than ERLAN, so that other organizations may be able to come under its corporate umbrella without causing confusion concerning which group is doing what.

The corporation and its 501C3 status shall be flexible enough to allow ERLAN, at some future date, to establish a foundation to provide grants and reimbursement of expenses for Earth Religion Rights activists and organizations, engage in public education, hire staff , include local Earth Religion Assistance Organizations under its corporate and 501C3 umbrella, form alliances, affiliate with other organizations, and such additional activities related to Earth Religion Rights as it sees fit.

It is difficult to design the corporation in such a way as to avoid competition for scarce resources if the mission of the corporation *explicitly* covers too much at the beginning. The necessary flexibility to expand the mission of the corporation beyond that currently defined for ERLAN shall be carefully worded, but adequate to allow such expansion through simple bylaw changes.

The corporation shall be able to easily extend its corporate and 501C3 umbrella to Earth Religion Rights organizations needing it, providing they meet its 501C3 financial reporting requirements, file related records to the ERLAN Treasurer, are financially responsible and viable, have purposes consistent with the corporation, and are deemed by ERLAN to be worthy of support.

The Corporation shall be structured to prevent inappropriate interference in the internal affairs of affiliated organizations by whatever power structures it establishes.

Upon incorporation, the Incorporator shall become an ERLAN Trustee, with rights and responsibilities as defined by the ERLAN Bylaws (and appropriately worded corporate charter provisions).

The Trustee shall help obtain official 501C3 status for the corporation and associated organizations, and coordinate such efforts -- unless ERLAN establishes another position for this work.

The ERLAN Legal Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the work of the Incorporator until the person becomes a Trustee, after which they should work in consultation with each other.


9/2/96 4:00 AM Passed Unanimously

Earth Religion Rights Book

I am coordinating an effort to put together a book on Earth

Religionists' Legal Rights. So far, I have contacted the following people, who have indicated that they will write chapters on the following subjects:

Silver RavenWolf (WADL) -- Something on mobilizing the newsletters, and introduction on Pagan religious rights in general and, perhaps, on screening Complaints (COMMENT, Her contract with Llewyllyn will prevent her from writing this, unless Llewellyn publishes or turns down the book, but other authors have joined since this resolution passed, including Lady Sintana, Jacque Zaleski and Jeannette Waldie))

Selena Fox (Lady Liberty League, ERAL, and Circle Sanctuary) -- On experiences in counseling work with people undergoing the trauma of litigation, psychotherapeutic dimensions, emotional and spiritual support<

Gavin & Yvonne Frost (Church of Wicca) -- Bullets through the window (how to deal with it and how to prevent it)

Joyce Siegrest (WARD) -- What to say and what not to say when you are under the gun (being investigated, giving testimony, etc.)

Pete Pathfinder (Aquarian Tabernacle Church and ERAL) -- Mobilizing the Archbishops (and possibly the main editor of the book)

Orion & Andras Corbin (EarthSpirit Community) -- On oppressed communities and character assassination of leaders

Jacque Zaleski (Iron Oak, ATC) -- How to do your own legal research

Roger Zaleski The Iron Oak Experience and Tactics for Self Defense

Lady Sintana -- Living within the Public eye: History, problems and solutions for Out-of-the-Broomcloset Witches (Ravenswood experience over 20+ years)

Chris Carlisle, Brad Hicks and AMER Board (AMER and ERAL) -- AMER Guide for Dealing with Police Harassment and AMER Guide for Dealing with Job Harassment

Lady Allyn (ERAA and Lady Liberty League) -- On custody cases, how to protect your family and how to respond, along with appendices containing actual evidence of Wicca and Paganism as positive paths that has been used successfully in legal cases (getting permission to reprint could bring in additional authors, like Gordon Melton, Diane Darling and Ed Fitch.

Larry Cornett (ERAA, WADL, CAW, ERAL) -- On Earth Religion rights networking, organizations, and case histories

Marija (constitutional law and human rights attorney with ERAA) -- Legal Memoranda and perhaps more

When I spoke to them last, they thought that they would have draft chapters ready by August 1996 (except for Lady Sintana who only got started in early August). However, how many of them actually provide the drafts and by when is highly uncertain. I expect many to have it ready by August - Pagan Time. Hopefully, the complete edited manuscript will be available by the end of 1996 (comment: As of March 1997, most chapters are in)

The above information is not for publication at this time (comment: it may now be posted on our web page), but is being made available to selected publishers, ERAL members, and, of course, authors and potential authors.

Preliminary contacts concerning the book have begun with Beacon Press, Llewellyn, and Sunshine Publishing. We could use better inside contacts than I have at Llewellyn and Beacon (although Margot Adler plans to check with the person she now works with at Beacon, a Pagan-friendly contact, who is really interested, would be useful since she is not sure where her new contact is coming from).

Who actually does the publishing is subject to their interest and negotiation. The publishers will have to review the manuscript before I expect any serious feedback from them. I am trying to identify additional publishers, and their contacts

and I am interested in getting the best deal.

Ideally, I would like to find a publisher who:

1. Has an excellent distribution network

2. Provides good quality trade paperback printing

3. Has a good reputation and good financial stability

4. Who provides good publishing deals to authors

5. Would agree to a share of the profit and royalties going to the cause of Earth Religion Rights (including a substantial portion to the Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network which coordinates an Earth Religions Assistance Internet Initiative)

6. Would agree to having chapters of the book published on the Internet, as well as in hard copy. The hard copy Book edition would have copies of original documents suitable for use as evidence in the appendices. The Internet version, would have word processed version of this evidence accessible from an FTP site, linked to a website (that may also link to the publisher's website). In addition, some of the chapters (perhaps abbreviated, would be published as articles in various newsletters hopefully with plugs for the book, andthe publisher when we have one).

However, all of the above is negotiable.

This is three proposals

1. That ERLAN endorse and sponsor this effort, for both education and fund-raising

2. ERLAN delegate the authority to make decisions to the Editor (me) working in cooperation with the authors, publishers, etc. -- even if it does not achieve all of the above. The Editor reserves the right to select assistant editors, work through literary agents, delegate, negotiate, etc.

If ERACL traffic gets high to warrant it, ERLAN endorses the establishment of a new list for the book and the call for a volunteer to moderate the list.


Passed by Consensus 9/14/96:

1. Privacy Coordinator

The duties of the Privacy Coordinator are to:

1. Coordinate and facilitate efforts for ERAL members to obtain, set up, maintain, and use appropriate encryption software (PGP unless another is found in practice to be more suitable-given the variety of platforms and operating systems in which our members operate), and

2. Encourage members to use appropriate encryption for potentially sensitive messages to ERAL when at least 3/4 of ERAL members are so equipped.

3. Encourage members to use appropriate encryption for potentially sensitive messages in private sensitive e-mail to members who have appropriate encryption/decryption software)

Posts to ERAL on Internet Privacy shall be limited to twice per week (except if we run into major snafus in the process of implementing such procedures)

The Privacy Coordinator also maintains a log of public keys, and provides a copy to the Membership Coordinator, along with updated information and logs on the public keys.

The Privacy Coordinator shall also inform ERAL members of such Public key information as they may need to know to receive and read encrypted e-mail meant for their attention.

The Privacy Coordinator is encouraged to recruit and form a Privacy Work Group to assist in associated duties, and to investigate anonymous re-mailers and their feasibility for appropriate linkage to ERAL (a Majordomo list), our FTP site, etc.

The ERLAN Membership Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the work of the Privacy Coordinator and maintaining and updating a duplicate copy of the public key log.

When appropriate procedures are defined, the Privacy Coordinator shall propose appropriate changes to the ERAL Membership Application form to facilitate the identification of what privacy software and referrals new members shall require, and provide the appropriate boilerplate information to new members based on the information in their application for membership--and assist them in getting so equipped, as needed.

The Privacy Coordinator shall provide appropriate Boilerplate Text concerning privacy software and its use for incorporation in the messages sent to potential new subscribers (people who send subscribe messages to

The Privacy Coordinator shall recruit such additional help as is needed to fulfill these purposes, and make appropriate PROPOSALS to ERLAN to bring in additional members to share in the associated ongoing efforts, as needed.

2. Directory Website Coordinator

The Directory Website Coordinator is responsible for posting the Directory of Public Contacts on the Worldwide Web and keeping it up to date. The directories are generally provided by the ERLAN Contacts Coordinator, although the Moderator my provide word processed or HTTP encoded versions from time to time (with a duplicate to the Directory Compiler).

When possible, updates to the Public Directory should be posted within one week of when they are provided. However, at a minimum, the latest version shall be posted within a month of when the latest version was provided, or within a month of when an earlier version was posted on the Worldwide Web (whichever comes later-when applicable). An initial version of the public Directory shall be posted on the Web by Fall Equinox, September 22, 1996, at the latest.

If the Directory Website has sufficient storage capacity, the article * Earth Religion Rights Organizations*, or a similar guide to how to use the directory, shall be posted with the directory. If sufficient storage for both is not available, the Directory takes precedence, and the Directory Website Coordinator is expected to seek and obtain such assistance and web storage access is necessary to post this article (or equivalent) at a location linked to the Directory Web-page, or vice versa.

The Directory Website could also become a links page, linking to the directory and to instructions on how to use it. along with the ERA site, etc. at the option of the Directory Website Coordinator.

By Winter Solstice, 1996, the Directory Website Coordinator (with whatever help the coordinator can obtain) is encouraged to provide a more sophisticated version of the directory website (or sites) with some sort of mechanism that will allow users to click on a state, National, or Canada (or enter it in a field) and have the display appear that shows the header for that region, followed by the associated contacts --unless the coordinator determines that both doing this and providing frequent updates is excessively time consuming (the idea is to avoid the need for users scrolling down a long web page to find what they are looking for) . Links to related websites shall also be provided as time, feasibility and appropriateness permit.

The Directory Website Coordinator is expected to seek such additional help as is necessary for this purpose from ERAL members or others familiar with such Website coding, if necessary and appropriate.

The Directory Website Coordinator is given broad authority to design the site(s) however the Coordinator deems best for making the Directory and related information readily available to users, providing it fulfills the aforementioned purposes.

The ERLAN Moderator is responsible for overseeing the work of the Website Coordinator, and the Webweaver is responsible for interfacing the ERA Home Website with the directory of contacts.

3. The description of the duties of the Contacts Compiler are amended to read as follows:

Contacts Compiler

The ERLAN Contacts Compiler is the ERLAN Public Contact for the Directory and the person who leads the effort to create and keep up to date a public and a private directory of Earth religion rights contacts, sorted by State in the US and Province in Canada (along with National listings).

The Contacts Compiler provides copies of the latest public version of Directory of Public contacts to the Directory Website Coordinator and also helps distribute the public version of the directory (with help from our Journalists, the Moderator etc.) to various national and regional publications and directories . The Contacts Compiler sends the latest version of the Public Directory to those Earth Religionists requesting it, and endeavors to assure that other Public Directories (such as *Pagani Worldwide*, the *Nutshell Guide to the Pagan World*, the *Circle Guide*, etc.) are given copies of the latest public version in time for their use in updates of these directories.

The Contacts Compiler also provides both a public and a private version of the Directory (clearly labeled as such) to ERAL members and other Earth Religion Rights Activists and organizations. The Private version of the Directory shall include some sort of header code with each private contact, clearly indicating which specific contacts are for the private use of such activists only (in addition to the label on the Private Directory heading indicating that the version is for Earth Religion Rights Activists and organizations only, and not for general public distribution). Exceptions to distribution of the private version to Earth Religion Rights Activists may be made for activists who have demonstrated a lack of discretion in the distribution of private information.

Updates of the public and the private versions of the Directory are to be posted to ERAL and sent to the Directory Website Coordinator as needed, and on at least a monthly basis (unless there are no changes). ERAL members are encouraged to help facilitate widespread distribution of the public version of the directory, and to assist in the distribution of the private version of the Directory to Earth Religion Rights organizations and activists that may be able to use the information.

The ERLAN Moderator is responsible for overseeing the work of the Contacts Coordinator and assisting in the work as necessary and appropriate All ERAL members are responsible for quality assurance and informing the Contacts Compiler and the Moderator of any changes to or updates to the Directory that are needed and new public and private contacts who should be added to the Directory.

6. Electronic Communications Coordinator: Surveys the electronic communications capabilities of list members and their associated hardware, software and Internet connectivity, provides summary reports, helps members upgrade their capabilities to deal with more than e-mail, and helps guide the development of new communications mechanisms useful to members and clients. This work would be under the oversight of our Webweaver (along with the work of the PGP coordinator).


Additions to ERAL/ERLAN Netiquette Guide and Rules

Adopted 97-1-4 18:51:55 EST

Based on recent experience, the following provisions to the ERAL Rules are added.:

1. Under our general netiquette guide. after the sentence "In addition, lists have special problems that people need to be warned about, including:"

Posts to ERAL that are so long that they come through as attached files, should be broken into pieces and re-posted. Otherwise, some subscribers to the list will have to access their hard drives and bring up the file (sometimes after converting from MIME) and read them a word processor. This is a bit of work, and results in much less attention to the post than would otherwise be the case. If an important post accidentally comes through as an attached file because it was too long, it is OK to break it up and re-post it to ERAL in two parts.

2. This does not preclude people distributing pretty big reference documents pertinent to our work as attached files to the ERAL list (less than 500 KB), in ASCII format. However, anything posted for comment, seeking volunteers, etc., should be small enough so as to not end up as an attached file.

3. Please do not use the formatting features in recent releases of e-mail software (AOL 3.0 , Eudora Pro 3.0, etc.) when posting to e-mail lists. Generally they are not appropriately processed by subscribers using e-mail packages other than the one that the sender is using to set up the fonts. They may clutter up the message of people using other e-mail software with control characters, like . , that get in the way of easily reading the text.

(the numbers would be deleted if any of the above items are added to our rules)

4. In addition, our membership Registration form should be expanded to include a section describing new members computer communications capabilities (after the section on confidentiality):

Computer Communications Capabilities

Please describe your hardware and software used for electronic communications:

Computer type (MAC, PC, etc.) :__________________

Processor (Pentium 75 etc.): _____________________

Operating System (Windows 95, Windows 3.1, System 7, etc.,.)________________

What e-mail software are you using (AOL 2.0, Eudora 3.0, etc.)________________

Can you receive attached files, if they come through with e-mail?


__ No

Do you have worldwide Web Access:



If so, what web browser(s) do you use (Netscape 3.0, etc.): _________

Do you have encoding/decoding utilities for

__Zipped files



__PGP encryption/decryption

What word processing software to you use (MS Word 7.0, WordStar 1, etc.)___________

Can your Word Processor read and convert documents to:

___HTML formatted documents (displaying the format)

___RTF (Rich Text Format)

(if you don't know the answer, enter _ ?_)

Can you read and Post to Newsgroups



Can you read and Post to Computer BBSs and Echoes



If so, please let us know the name of any newsgroups or BBS areas that sometime deal with Earth Religion Rights Issues that you routinely monitor (optional): ___________________

5. In the Membership Application Form, Under *Operational* and the first item *__General networker, posts cases, investigates and helps*, add:

__ ERAL liaison to the following Newsgroup(s) or BBS Echo(s): ___________

Liaison work involves forwarding cases and posts about cases

(after getting permission) to ERAL that could benefit from our

attention, informing the group about ERAL, and forwarding

general information (like public contacts and general sources

of information) to such areas when it may be helpful and

appropriate, in accordance with ERAL rules

6. In addition, an ERLAN Electronic Communications Coordinator position would be made available for a volunteer who would survey our existing members about their electronic communications capabilities, add the results for new members, summarize what we know about their capabilities, and help members upgrade their capabilities to deal with more than e-mail. This work would be under the oversight of our Webweaver (along with the work of the PGP coordinator).


Passed by consensus: 96-1-7 17:43:11 EST

Electronic Communications Coordinator:

Surveys the electronic communications capabilities of list members and their associated hardware, software and Internet connectivity, provides summary reports, helps members upgrade their capabilities to deal with more than e-mail, and helps guide the development of new communications mechanisms useful to members and clients. This work would be under the oversight of our Webweaver (along with the work of the PGP coordinator).

Passed by Consensus: 97-01-17 17:27:51 EST

The Moderator and the ERLAN Board (individually and/or collectively) have the power to not accept subscriptions from and to unsubscribe members who go to the government or promote others going to the government to try to make legal trouble for organizations and individuals that they compete with. There are circumstances when such behavior would be justified (like if someone had an organization competing with Charlie Manson's), and the Moderator and the ERLAN Board reserves the right and duty to consider the circumstances. The ERLAN Board shall be informed of any such decisions by the Moderator and may be consulted concerning potential decisions of that nature.

The ERLAN Board has the power to investigate the circumstances of such situations (using whatever legal means it feels appropriate, including the establishment of an independent ethics board including members who are not ERAL members, if they agree to confidentiality, etc.), to delegate the authority to make such decisions, to over-rule the moderator for any such decision, and/or to direct such action if it deems it appropriate in such matters.


Adopted by consensus: 96-11-9 15:40:15 EST

Marija is an honorary ERAL member.

Being an honorary member of ERAL will make it possible for those who know her to forward ERAL e-mail concerning cases that need her special expertise to her without special approvals. It also sets a precedent for others to nominate people for Honorary ERAL membership, subject to the approval of ERLAN, on a case by case basis.

More Changes in ERLAN Bylaws -- ERACL & networking

Passed by consensus 97-03-10 20:57:39 EST

ERACL related Bylaw Changes (in addition to previously posted ERAL rules)


<<An ERLAN member provides, as a service, an Earth Religions Assistance Chat List (ERACL). Other ERLAN members maintain Websites and FTP sites containing information useful for helping Earth Religionists with legal problems associated with their religion, along with information about ERAL. . With these bylaws, a formal relationship between the ERA website and the FTP site and ERLAN is established. The relationship between ERLAN and ERACL is informal, but may be formalized by mutual consent between the ERACL moderator and ERLAN.>>


<<ERLAN members maintain ERAL Websites and ERAL FTP sites containing information useful for helping Earth Religionists with legal problems associated with their religion, along with information about ERAL. With these bylaws, a formal relationship between the ERA websites and the FTP sites and ERLAN is established. The relationship between ERLAN and other websites, FTP sites and e-mail lists is informal, but may be formalized by mutual consent between the list moderator or Webmaster, any associated organizations that these people need permission to establish such a relationship from, and ERLAN. Formal liaisons to other lists and organizations may also be established, by the rules contained herein.>>


<<ERLAN works in cooperation with other individuals, organizations and communications mechanisms with broader purposes than ERAL, such as WARD, WADL, AMER, CoPRR, WLPA, ERAA etc., but does not and will not attempt to interfere in their internal or external affairs. However, ERAL is available to help them facilitate communications concerning legal cases and ERACL may be used to facilitate other communications, if they choose to use these mechanisms. New communications mechanisms may be created by ERLAN members in the future that may or may not have a formal relationship to ERLAN.>>


<<ERLAN works in cooperation with other individuals, organizations and communications mechanisms with broader purposes than ERAL, such as WARD, WADL, WLPA, AMER, CoPRR, OCRT, ERAA, PAL, LLL, WV etc., but does not and will not attempt to interfere in their internal or external affairs. However, ERAL is available to help them facilitate communications concerning legal cases, and any other communications mechanisms may be used to facilitate other communications, by consent of involved parties. New communications mechanisms may be created by ERLAN members in the future that may or may not have a formal relationship to ERLAN.. ERLAN has among its missions networking for Earth Religion Rights, and will endeavor to refer people to organizations, e-mail lists, webpages, etc. appropriate to the task at hand and to encourage cooperation and appropriate communications to further the cause of Earth Religion Rights.>>


<<Most discussions among all Board Members might take place on ERACL (when we want input from others or think they should know what we are cooking up) or in private e-mail, until we can set up a special newsgroup or listserv for ERLAN administration (except for sensitive discussions of legal matters or the conduct of an ERAL member, or one on one discussions in private e-mail), and all Board Members must subscribe to both ERAL and ERACL. The idea is for the Board and interested members to mostly function as one unit, with the Board being people who have taken responsibility for seeing to it that essential ERAL business is carried out.>>


<<Most discussions among all Board Members might take place in private e-mail, until we can find or set up a special listserv that can handle ERLAN administrative matters in which interested ERAL and ERLAN members may subscribe. Some matters (mainly sensitive discussions of the conduct of an ERAL member and disciplinary action) are to be carried out in private e-mail among Board members and the person under discussion and directly involved parties when appropriate. However, when an appropriate list or other electronic communications mechanism is available for administrative communications, all Board Members must subscribe to both lists. The idea is for the Board and interested members to mostly function as one unit, with the Board being people who have taken responsibility for seeing to it that essential ERAL business is carried out. >>


<<3. Subject to the ERACL moderator's approval, that direct membership in ERACL be made available to interested authors, potential publishers and literary agents for discussion, review and refinement of the draft text (without requiring that they jump through the ERAL hoops, although they would have to agree to the ERACL rules). Of course, other ERACL members would remain on ERACL, and their comments would be welcome on the book.>>

Concerning Networking, the following ERLAN positions are established:

Web-Link Coodinator::

1. Creates a Web link page containing as comprehensive a set of links to Earth Religion Rights webpages as reasonably possible (sorted by topic) and posts it on the worldwide Web

2. Sees to it that Web page suite's links are verified, updated, and expanded on at least a monthly basis

3. Works with the ERLAN Webweaver and associated Webmasters to help them appropriately integrate the new Web link page and new links into the appropriate pages (by making simple, specific suggestions of what words and links to add where on which specific pages, etc.)

4. Encourages Webmasters in other organizations to link to appropriate sections of the ERLAN web suite, and to integrate appropriate topic specific-links from other organizations into their webpages, through e-mail to them, etc.; and helps them keep the links up to date by creating and maintaining a link updates web page (linked to the Web link page), that lists any changes or additions to the ERLAN Web links within at least the last two months, by month (updated monthly), along with an archive for previous updates not shown on the update web page

5. Encourages Webmasters in other organizations to inform the Web-Link Coodinator of changes to their Web suite and pertinent new links and categories of information, and provides a web link registration form on a web page, to facilitate registration and integration of such information into the ERLAN Web links

6. Appropriately registers the web link page with pertinent search-engines (so people can find it), and links the Web page suite to appropriate search engines, to increase its value to users. The Web-Link Coodinator is strongly encouraged to get help from other ERAL members, etc. with experience registering pages to search engines, and share draft registration material with them, and factor in pertinent comments received before actually making a submission.

7. Coordinates and oversees the efforts of Websurfers and Liaisons, etc. who may help with the work. However, the Web suite Coordinator remains responsible for the quality and implementation of the work, in so as it is pertinent to the Web-Link Coodinator's work (don't just pass the buck and forget about it, work with the people and help to verify that it is being done right)

The ERLAN Webweaver is responsible for overseeing the work of the Web-Link Coodinator


Websurfers are responsible for surfing the web and assisting the Web-Link Coodinator and the Webweaver in their efforts.

ERLAN Websurfer Positions include:

1. Web link Verifier: web surfs to all links on ERAL/ERLAN webpages to verify that the links and associated descriptions are correct, does what is necessary to get correct information, and informs the Webweaver, the Web-Link Coodinator and any other ERAL Webmasters of changes in links and link descriptions that are needed. Also acts as a Web link Finder/Researcher on an ad-hock basis, as time permits

2. Web link Finder/Researcher: Three positions for people who surf the web, use search engines, etc. to find links associated with topics pertinent to Earth Religion Rights, classify them, and provide the link addresses and descriptions, etc. to the Web-Link Coodinator (who integrates the information into the ERAL Web links page). They also post pertinent information to ERAL, when necessary and appropriate, and inform Webmasters of pertinent information that they can link to. Work is divided as follows:

a. Lead Web link Finder/Researcher: Does the above and oversees and coordinates the work of the other two, to reduce duplication of effort, etc. -covering for them when the positions are vacant

b. Deputy Web link Finder/Researcher: A Web-link Finder/Researcher who assists the Lead Web-link Finder/Researcher

c. Legal Web link Finder/Researcher: A Web link Finder/Researcher who concentrates on Web links pertinent to Legal Cases posted to ERAL and provides information on such links to the ERAL list, the Lead Web link Finder, etc.

Also does the same on Topics the ERAL Legal Team is Researching (informing the Legal Team, etc. of results) and does the same concerning legal issues under discussion in ERAL and ERACL.


Liaisons are responsible for interfaces between ERAL and Internet areas such as e-mail lists, newsgroups, etc. concerning Earth Religion Rights. They may also function as liaisons to groups that are not on-line. They compile appropriate monthly summaries of what is happening in these areas, with an emphasis on matters pertinent to Earth Religion Rights (but not strictly limited to this), pertinent links and webpages, etc. When cases come to their attention in such newsgroups, lists, etc. that can benefit from ERAL assistance or the assistance of local or other contacts, they inform the list of the availability of such assistance and how to request it, forwarding pertinent messages to ERAL (with permission) on an as needed basis, and from ERAL to the lists or the individuals needing the information, in accordance with the procedures in the ERLAN Bylaws (which include the ERAL rules that members receive along with their registration forms). Liaisons also inform the Web-Link Coodinator of pertinent new Websites, their topics, and their addresses, etc.

Available ERLAN Liaison positions include positions for subscribers to, or monitors of:


2. The Church of the Dancing Flame's e-mail list and any associated lists created for PAL

3. The Ward and Burning Times Echoes (BBS echoes) and any other pertinent echoes that the Person has access to and monitors

4. alt.pagan and any other newsgroups the person monitors

5. Such newsgroups, lists, echoes, organizations, etc. related to Earth Religion Rights (even if it is not the main topic, as long as it does contain significant pertinent content) as an ERAL member wanting such a position commits to monitor, provides a monthly summary of what is happening there to ERAL, and posts a PROPOSAL to the ERLAN members proposing to be the Liaison for such areas.

Passed by consensus 97-03-05 16:14:36 EST:

Electronic Communications Funding

The ERLAN Treasurer (or Acting Treasurer) is authorized to spend up to $300 in donations to ERAL/ERLAN per year to establish and maintain such electronic communications as are needed to fulfill our purposes, and that the money previously earmarked for distributing the directory of contacts can be used for that purpose, if necessary.

In addition, the necessary funding is authorized to establish and maintain ERAL/ERLAN domain if necessary to meet our purposes.

New ERLAN Positions and Changes in Existing Positions

Passed by consensus 97-03-20 04:12:08 EST


The current ERLAN Moderator position shall be re-named ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator (as well as ERLAN President, when needed for business purposes)

Up to three additional ERLAN Moderator Positions are made available as voting ERLAN positions for the moderators of other official ERLAN e-mail lists -- if possible starting with ERACL (which shall be re-established as an official ERLAN List). The other two positions are reserved for future lists.

ERLAN declares its openness to making ERLAN Moderator positions ERLAN Board positions, and will consider Proposals so stating. However, decisions on this will await proposals to that effect by new moderators.

Each new Moderator shall be named

"---"/ERLAN Moderator

with "---" replaced by the name of the ERLAN e-mail list the moderator moderates (ERACL/ERLAN Moderator, etc.) and agrees to make an official ERLAN list.

ERLAN moderator positions shall be only available to subscribed members of ERAL for lists administered under the oversight and authority of the ERLAN members and Board.

All applicable ERLAN Bylaws shall apply to all ERLAN Moderator decisions (including the right of appeal to the ERLAN Board concerning disciplinary matters for violating list rules). However, Moderators, other than the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator (for which appropriate procedures are already defined in the bylaws), may establish such rules for the content of their lists and associated decision making structures as they determine to be necessary, subject only to veto by the ERLAN board or ERLAN members.

ERLAN Moderators may serve as ad hoc vice moderators for other ERLAN e-mail lists, although others on the lists may serve as vice moderators. Helping other ERLAN moderators is part of what is expected of moderators. Who covers for who as vice moderator shall be worked out between the Moderators and list members, with the exception below:

Membership Coordinator Amendment

The Membership Coordinator shall generally function as a vice moderator for ERAL -- since the job of signing in ERAL members and keeping records is intimately connected with that of the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator, the ERAL rules are highly complex, and such arrangements have been shown to work with minimum additional training necessary. the Membership Coordinator shall also be designated as ERLAN Vice President, when needed for business purposes..

The ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator shall also temporarily cover for the Membership Coordinator when necessary, unless the Membership Coordinator has an Assistant Membership Coordinator. If available, a Assistant Membership Coordinator would generally cover for the Membership Coordinator. An Assistant Membership coordinator may also cover for the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator, if the Membership Coordinator is unavailable or requests such assistance..

The current ERLAN Board position of Vice Moderator is abolished, since the duties are absorbed by the Membership Coordinator.

Assistant Membership Coordinator Positions

Up to two voting ERLAN Assistant Membership Coordinator Positions may be immediately established by the ERLAN Membership Coordinator, for persons assisting in membership coordination work and associated record-keeping. These persons are also technically moderators, due to their access to confidential membership information. The titles and duties may be worked out by mutual agreement between the Assistants and the Membership Coordinator


New ERLAN Positions and Changes in Existing Positons Passed by consensus 97-03-20 04:12:08 EST


ERACL serves as an important area for discussing technical, administrative and legal issues that could clutter the ERAL list. It also serves as a chat area for discussing any topics that members would like to share. To help assure that it qualifies for low rates by public service oriented service providers, it will be re-named the Earth Religions Assistance Communications List (ERACL). When these two functions are found to conflict beyond tolerance, separate e-mail lists may be established by the ERACL moderator for these purposes, one of which could also be ERACL, only it would be named the Earth Religions Assistance Chat List and keep the same e-mail address, and the other would have a name yet to be determined.. The ERLAN Treasurer or Acting Treasurer is authorized to approve reasonable funding for establishing separate lists for these purposes if it is determined to be appropriate by both the Treasurer and the ERACL moderator.

The actual e-mail address will have to be consistent with the coding required by the service provider. For example, with IGC services, names must be lower case and have a dash (such as eracl-erlan).

The initial rules for ERACL shall be the same as those for ERAL except:

1. There are no limits on the number and content of posts -- except for a ban on flaming, pornography or purely commercial posts, along with subscribing ERACL to other e-mail lists.

2. Only members of ERAL are eligible for membership in ERACL, except in an emergency related to a specific case.

3. As in the past, any message on ERACL may be forwarded to ERAL (when on topic for ERAL and appropriate, considering ERAL rules). Portions of posts to ERAL may also be freely posted to ERACL, where they can be discussed without cluttering the ERAL list (except during emergencies, where non-ERAL members are allowed to join ERACL), in which case forwarding of information from ERAL to ERACL shall follow the protocols for non-ERLAN lists, except for the case being considered.

4. Since ERACL membership is only available to ERAL members, posting on both ERAL and ERACL is not allowed. Posts appropriate to both ERAL and ERACL should be posted to ERAL. However, mistakes happen, and threads on ERACL may evolve into posts that belong on ERAL. When this occurs, such posts may be forwarded to ERAL by the ERACL Moderator or any persons authorized by the moderator do this.

The initial ERACL membership shall be the ERAL members who were subscribed to the former ERACL, and any ERAL member may join ERACL, including members who are not currently subscribed..

The previous description of the rules for ERACL are accepted as an initial summary, subject to change by the ERACL/ERLAN Moderator as necessary and appropriate to further clarify the situation.

In addition, the restoration of the text removing ERACL to our bylaws and forms shall be immediate upon formal proposal to ERLAN of the necessary text changes, subject to such modifications as ERLAN members may propose.

However, unlike the previous bylaws recognizing ERACL as independent, it will be an official ERLAN list (as will be future ERLAN Lists), subject to ERLAN bylaws (including but not limited to the right of appeal through Proposal to ERLAN concerning rules changes on ERACL, the right of appeal to the ERLAN Board concerning disciplinary action, and the right of ERLAN to elect the moderators or any person to serve in an ERLAN position, when the position is in dispute ). Details on how to modify the ERLAN bylaws to cover this status will be worked out in the process of writing the changes.


In an emergency, such as a major mobilization to help an Earth Religion Rights case, ERACL membership may be temporarily opened up for up to a 30 day period to persons who are not ERAL members to facilitate coordination of those helping. The ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator, the Membership Coordinator, and/or the Legal Coordinator shall be authorized to declare a state of emergency upon recommendation by a case coordinator, based on compelling reasons, such as a high volume of e-mail concerning an extremely urgent case and the need for those helping on the case to coordinate their efforts on an e-mail list. If an emergency is declared opening up ERACL to non-ERAL members, this shall be posted to ERAL and ERACL ASAP (an exception to the double posting rule).

The ERACL moderator is to work with the case coordinator to facilitate appropriate signing in of new temporary members by the case coordinator or designated alternative person, and the case coordinator is expected to work in cooperation with the ERACL moderator to sign temporary members out. The case coordinator shall be made an ERLAN moderator to facilitate such actions.

Should an emergency ever be so declared or considered sufficiently likely by the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator or the Legal Coordinator, ERLAN funds are authorized, along with fundraising, to set up one or more additional ERLAN e-mail lists for emergencies.

In addition, a state of emergency can be declared by the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator Coordinator or the Membership Coordinator, if ERAL is out of commission for what might be an extended time period for any reason, or if this is considered to be eminent. In such an emergency, ERACL (or any other ERLAN list) can be made a temporary replacement for ERAL (until the situation is solved), and all ERAL members subscribed for this purpose. The ERACL or other ERLAN moderator would be expected to cooperate.

ERLAN funds are authorized, along with fundraising, to set up a replacement for ERAL and/or a back-up e-mail list, if the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator or the Membership Coordinator deems it appropriate.

Amendment To Previous Proposal on Moderators:


<< All applicable ERLAN Bylaws shall apply to all ERLAN Moderator decisions (including the right of appeal to the ERLAN Board concerning disciplinary matters for violating list rules). However, Moderators, other than the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator (for which appropriate procedures are already defined in the bylaws), may establish such rules for the content of their lists and associated decision making structures as they determine to be necessary, subject only to veto by the ERLAN board or ERLAN members. >>

To read:

<<All applicable ERLAN Bylaws shall apply to all ERLAN Moderator decisions.

As is the case for the ERAL/ERLAN Moderator/Coordinator, all ERLAN moderators shall have the power to make temporary rules on the lists they moderate, subject to the approval of ERLAN.>>


An ERLAN Journalist Position is made immediately available to any ERAL member offering to write and distribute monthly reports concerning the activities of ERAL and ERLAN to publications, organizations and lists not under ERLAN jurisdiction. The duties of the journalist are similar to what is required of Liaisons concerning the other groups reporting to ERAL. Activities on other ERLAN lists may also be similarly summarized by the journalist.

The draft monthly reports shall be posted on ERAL, and considered approved for release if there are no objections to the release of the information posted to ERAL within three days.

Journalists are expected to take the lead concerning distributing and coordinating distribution of public reports on ERAL, ERLAN, etc. However, Liaisons are encouraged to take the lead forwarding such reports, or pertinent portions of such reports to the lists and organizations that they are liaisons to. Liaisons are also encouraged to work with the journalist (when the position described herein is filled) to help put together the best reports possible to meet the needs of other communications areas and organizations. Once approved, the ERAL reports are public information, and ERAL members and others are also encouraged to help with distribution (in coordination with the Journalist, to avoid receipt of multiple copies). The journalist is encouraged to post to ERAL concerning her or his distribution activities, to facilitate such coordination.

Public sources of information (URLs for Websites, etc.) and the text of information that is public domain (such as legal decisions by judges) that were posted on ERAL or any ERLAN list can be sent outside of ERAL and other ERLAN lists, without needing special approvals. Journalists, Liaisons, and ERAL members in general are encouraged to provide such information when it may be helpful to individuals, discussion areas, etc. outside of ERAL. They are encouraged to mention that they got the information from ERAL, without revealing the specific individual who provided the facts (unless that individual grants permission). However, any interpretations of the information should be clearly identified as representing the views of the individual alone (using IMHO or equivalent); and appropriate disclaimers should be provided (similar to those in the ERAL case intake form), if a message including something from an ERLAN list even vaguely resembles legal advice (unless specifically approved by an ERAL attorney).

ERLAN Bylaws and blank forms (like the Case Intake Form) are public information, along with case abstracts and general guidance for dealing with situations that has been approved by an attorney. ERAL members are encouraged to provide that information where it might be helpful. Other organizations are encouraged to freely utilize pertinent portions to meet their needs and to provide ERAL with any improvements that they may have developed so ERLAN's procedures and resources may be similarly improved.

The numbers, general locations (North Carolina, South Dakota, etc.), and types of cases we deal with, how we generally deal with them, and lessons learned, can be revealed in general terms in reports by an ERLAN journalist or any ERAL member.

Even general summaries of case histories and lessons learned can be sent out, as long as it is sufficiently general as to not endanger the confidentiality of the identity of those involved or compromise legal strategy being worked up about a case that is still in litigation. Names can not be revealed without explicit permission (unless it is something like Lady Silver, which is spammed all over the Internet or widely published). Such case histories shall be posted on ERAL and considered to be approved if not objected to within a week.

Of course, case coordinators who did their work outside of ERAL remain free to provide such summaries as they feel appropriate of their work, without requiring ERAL approval. They are also encouraged to post such summaries to ERAL, when they believe that they may be helpful to ERAL members for dealing with existing or potential future cases.

The ERLAN Bylaws are as complicated as they are to provide loopholes so that ERAL does not become a dead end for information -- except for that which must be specifically approved for release by attorneys and is not. What would need an attorney's approval would be anything that looks like legal advice associated with ERAL or ERLAN or gets very specific about pending cases.

ERLAN Journalists (and members at large) are also encouraged to draft and distribute fundraising literature and e-mail and help get it distributed, in cooperation with the ERLAN Treasurer. Liaisons and other ERAL members could help allot with this.


ERLAN declares its readiness to enter into Coalition with other organizations to achieve common objectives, such as the pooling of information, evidence and resources to help with cases or the automation of topic-specific Weblinking. Offers and especially specific proposals to form coalitions for specific purposes are encouraged from authorized representatives of other organizations.

The ERLAN Logo (Goddess of Freedom, etc.) should be added to webpages used in such shared purposes when performed in formal coalition with ERLAN. This does not preclude that the allied organization(s) also include its Logo(s). ERLAN declares its willingness to do likewise. The ERLAN logo may also be used in conjunction with links to ERLAN webpages.

Liaisons and official representatives of other organizations, besides ERLAN, may post to ERAL calling for volunteers to help in communications initiatives and other situations pertinent to Earth Religion Rights, whether or not a formal coalition has been declared. The important thing is building the communications needed for an effective Earth Religion Rights movement, not which organizations happen to be leading such efforts. ERLAN helps, along with other organizations, but something much larger than ERAL/ERACL/ERLAN or any one organization will be needed to achieve our shared objectives. By working together informally and through formal coalitions for specific purposes, we believe that significant progress can be made.


Passed by consensus 4/1/97

The rule to be replaced (which everyone got in their Welcome Message) reads:


Messages shall be professional and polite in nature. Flames on this list and flames to posters via e-mail will result in one warning. After that, discourteous users will be removed."

It is now changed to:


Messages posted to ERAL and ERACL (and other ERLAN Lists, if created) shall be polite and constructive. Flames posted to the lists, and by subscribers to other subscribers via private e-mail when related to list subjects, will result in a warning by private e-mail. The warning shall be sent to the person posting the flame from the Moderator(s) who oversees the list(s) the flame was posted to or related to. If flaming is repeated, there will be a second warning of the same type, and the ERLAN Board shall be copied. If the flaming continues, the Moderator(s) who oversees the list(s) the flame was posted to or related to shall unsubscribe the person posting flames and revoke their ERAL membership by sending the person a message to that effect, notifying that person of their right to appeal the decision to the ERLAN Board (including the e-mail addresses of the current Board members), copying the current Board members and posting a brief note of the unsubscription to the list. The Board may overturn an unsubscription or revocation decision of the Membership Coordinator by majority vote, with the ERLAN Moderator being able to decide in the event of a tie."


Passed by consensus 4/2/97 18:18:15 EST


If the flaming is being performed by an ERLAN Moderator, the ERLAN Board (minus the moderator involved -- if the moderator is a member of the ERLAN Board) shall have the same power as previously defined for the moderator, to issue a warning to that moderator by private e-mail. If flaming is repeated, the Board shall have the power to issue a second warning of the same type. If the flaming continues, the ERLAN Board shall have the power to replace the moderator, unsubscribe the moderator posting flames and revoke the person's ERAL membership by sending the person a message to that effect, notifying that person of their right to appeal the decision to the ERLAN membership. Decisions of this nature shall be by at least a 2/3rds majority of Board members. Appropriate measures are also authorized for contact with the service provider to remove the persons Owner access to the controls of the list - although the x-moderator is expected to cooperate in such matters.

Complaints of this nature should be sent to the ERLAN Board for potential redress of grievance, and not posted to ERAL (or to ERLAN unless the person disagrees with a Board decision on such matters and wishes to appeal)

The ERLAN membership may overturn an unsubscription or revocation decision of the Board concerning a moderator by a two thirds majority, or a decision not to do so).

As in the existing bylaws, the Board has the power to delegate its decision making concerning disciplinary matters to a suitable organization, at its discretion, and the disciplinary powers of the Board concerning rules violations will go to the ERLAN Trustees, once ERLAN is incorporated and Trustees selected.


When warnings are given or other action taken concerning flaming, the person who was flamed shall be copied in on the warning, so that the person flamed knows that action is being taken about the problem.


The tallying of Warnings (on a three strikes you are out basis) shall expire after a year and a day. However, if four warnings are issued in a two year period (old warnings shall be kept on the record for two years), the fourth warning concerning a flame in a two year period shall be grounds for unsubscribing the individual and revoking the person's ERAL membership.

Warnings may also be removed from the tally if the person who did the flame sincerely apologizes, and the person flamed accepts the apology, copying in the Moderator or the Board on the acceptance (posting the acceptance to ERAL would count).

Removal from ERAL need not be permanent. The Board has the power to suspend membership for a limited time, and to set terms and conditions for re-instatement.


To reduce the number of inappropriate and accidental posts to ERAL that really should be sent to individuals, the ERAL moderator is authorized to request the re-configuration of ERAL so that replies are automatically sent to the person being replied to, instead of the ERAL list, unless the person replying copies the reply to ERAL.

In addition, any ERLAN moderator is authorized to request the addition of an automated digest to the ERLAN list, and to request needed funding from the ERLAN Treasurer.

Once a digest is available for ERAL, the ERAL moderator is authorized to declare the 10 post per day average limit on posting no longer in effect, effective immediately upon formal proposal.

The Treasurer is authorized to provide necessary funds for this purpose, if available, or to turn down the request based on other funding priorities. Such decisions by the Treasurer may be appealed to the ERLAN Board as a whole, and (as with any decision by the ERLAN Board) appeals may be made to the Membership of ERLAN to overturn any Board decision by a 2/3rds majority.

Requests for funds for a specific purpose may be posted to ERAL or other ERLAN lists, and the Treasurer is expected to make such funds available for the designated purpose. Should the purpose of designated funds be implemented , any surplus funding shall go into the general ERLAN Treasury.

The ceiling on annual ERLAN funding for e-mail list services is raised from $300/year to $500/year make digests and other features available, while providing plenty of room for launching new lists.

Voting ERLAN positions for ERAL members who would create and distribute Moderated Digests (such as digests only on a specific topic, such as cases and help on cases are also declared to be available. The positons may be designated ERAL/ERLAN Case Digest Chronicler, etc.

Positions, designated ERAL/ERLAN Public Release Digest Chronicler, etc., are also made available for anyone who would create a digest of clearly releasable information from an ERLAN List and who would provide it to a suitable website or FTP site, for use by others outside of ERAL, updated at least monthly. See the ERLAN bylaws for what is publicly releasable (especially position description for Journalist)


Within any year, anyone who donates:

$10 or more to ERLAN shall be designated an ERLAN Supporter

$50 or more to ERLAN shall be designated an ERLAN Sponsor

$500 or more to ERLAN shall be designated an ERLAN Patron

Note, these are not ERLAN membership positons. The voting members of ERLAN are the individuals who do the work providing ongoing communications for the Earth Religion Rights Movement and associated administrative services, in a designated ERLAN position.

Up to 15% of donations received are authorized, at the discretion of the Treasurer, to provide letters thanking the person for the donation, and/or certificates, buttons, or other incentives to Donors.

Individuals and organizations may be so designated, and the designation shall not be publicized unless approved by the donor. The donor may authorize publicity to ERAL members only, publicity to anyone, or no publicity at all.

If public release of such information is authorized by a donor, the ERLAN Webweaver or anyone operating an ERLAN Webpage is authorized to post appropriate information on public Supporters, Sponsors and/or Patrons on ERLAN Webpages, and to include links, if authorized by the Sponsor or Patron, at the discretion of the person maintaining the Website, to their website, etc.

A voting ERLAN position of Incentives Coordinator is also authorized to a ERAL member who helps the Treasurer by taking the lead in related matters, (gifts to donors, encouraging ERLAN websites to publicize pubic donors, etc.) and who posts to ERAL volunteering to do the work and who follows through.

While the ERLAN Treasurer will not generally turn down donations without strings attached from a legal source, if donations were to come from a highly controversial source that would very likely discourage other donors and/or whose other purposes are blatantly at odds with those of ERLAN (like the Christian Coalition, the Ku Klux Klan, the Church of Satan, the Nazi Party, Charles Manson, etc.), exceptions may be made by the Treasurer on a case by case basis (for the aforementioned reasons): and the money may either be:

1. Returned or

2. Accepted and a note sent to the Donor, that the donation is accepted, but that they are not authorized to claim or publicize any relationship with ERLAN or any entity associated with ERALN.

In the unlikely event that this should happen, the ERLAN Board shall be notified by the Treasurer and may overturn such a decision by a 2/3rds majority.

Those individuals and organizations that financially support ERLAN may include in their publicity their status as supporters, sponsors or patrons. They may use the title Sponsor if they prefer not to be known as a Patron, or supporter if they do not want to be known as a sponsor, and may substitute the term ERAL for ERLAN, if they think it would make it clearer what it is that they support (and ERLAN publicity should be also so changed). Naturally, this authorization would not apply under the unusual circumstance of a donation being returned or a notification by the Treasurer not to publicize the status (to prevent those who may not support our purposes from easily buying ERLAN bad publicity, etc.)

These provisions apply retroactively.

All ERAL members and those individuals and organizations that genuinely support our work are urged to become Supporters, Sponsors, or Patrons, either publicly, for only the information of ERAL members, or in private; and to let their support be known and to urge others to support us likewise, at their discretion.


On April 20, 1997, at 07:45:04 EDT the last of a series of proposals passed by consensus:


The Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network (ERLAN) opposes the practice of censorship of internet sites on the basis of religion. Our position is that Microsystems Software, Inc. (manufacturer of Cyber Patrol) and any other software company that blocks Internet sites of any religion, including Pagan sites:

1. Train their censors about Paganism, in cooperation with responsible representatives of the Pagan Community, and then include appropriate training for all new employees that decide which sites be blocked. Any software that us used to screen out such sites on any basis (key words, etc.) should also be appropriately reprogrammed.

2. Not censor sites on the basis of religion (Pagan, Cult or whatever)

3. Establish and implement effective enforcement procedures that would suspend, and for repeated violations - fire, any of their staff who repeatedly ban sites because of the religions they advocate (Pagan, cult or whatever), after being warned twice about inappropriate censorship and given supplementary training

4. No URL shall be included in any block list unless reviewed by two staff employees for criteria compliance and freedom from potential Civil Rights discrimination. At least one of those employees shall be at a management or oversight level, while both shall have formal training and periodic review as to knowledge of standards for published ban criteria, and compliance with Civil Rights law applicable to the most restricted customer to which any copies of any related product are or have been sold, or to which they will be marketed.

5. Any vendor of such product will maintain effective controls to prevent personal use only versions, or update lists thereto, from entering government and other installations subject to protections of user Civil Rights. This shall include restrictive licensing agreements, and other measures adequate to prevent improper use.

6. Any personal use only copies of censorware will be boldly marked "FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS USE OF THIS PRODUCT IN GOVERNMENT RELATED COMPUTERS - This includes public schools and libraries, and some other public and private organizational computers." This notice shall display at software startup, be externally marked on any packaging, and there shall be means of testing which software and ban list version is in place by any user of any such software issued in more than one version of any component or whole. ***

7. Notify any censored site that they have been censored, along with instructions for how to appeal.

8. Commit to a fast-track timetable for implementing the above

Our position is to cooperate with companies making a firm, written commitment to implement such a program on a reasonable time table and following through with such commitments, and to help them find such assistance as may be necessary towards this end

For companies that fail to comply with the aforementioned requests, ERLAN, declares its readiness to pursue all reasonable potential remedies (and assist in associated communications), including, but not limited to:

1. Research, fact finding and the preparation and distribution of information

2. Communications, including the launching and moderation of e- mail lists, websites, etc consistent with the promotion of the aforementioned objectives

3. Education of companies, individuals and organizations involved

4. The preparation for and implementation of appropriate litigation to prevent private and governmental institutions covered by regulations, statutes and constitutional provisions pertinent to religion and/or freedom of speech from using such software

5. The recovery of monetary compensation and punitive damages from those institutions and organizations responsible for the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of such software

6. Forming coalitions and/or entering into coalitions with such organizations as share the aforementioned objectives and/or broader objectives that would achieve the aforementioned five demands, initiating and/or joining in class action suits of this nature, and assisting those organizations that pursue such objectives independently using such means as are appropriate consistent with our bylaws

7. Fund raising and publicity four fund raising efforts consistent with the aforementioned activities and objectives


Tyger, an ERAL Attorney, and Tyger's associates, as civil-rights attorneys, just made an offer on ERACL to provide legal assistance in the Cyber Patrol situation. This proposal is to accept their services and make them (including any associated paralegals and staff) honorary ERAL members, so they have full access to the information collected in ERAL and ERACL to help them in their work.

Naturally, we expect the information to be dealt with by the Tyger Team in accordance with attorney client privilege and associated confidentiality, and look forward to Tyger's leadership in defining that which must be kept confidential among ERAL Members and in authorizing the release of sensitive information pertinent to winning in litigation.


1. The ERAL/ERLAN Moderator and/or Membership Coordinator is empowered to authorize the launching of one or more ERLAN e-mail lists dedicated to the pursuit of objectives consistent with ERLAN policies and programs on Electronic Communications Censorship Software and the ERLAN Treasurer is authorized to spend ERLAN funds towards this purpose, consistent with previously approved budgeting, if necessary. Membership in such e-mail lists need not be limited to ERAL members

2. Should e-mail lists consistent with point 1 be established, ERLAN positions are available for the moderator and membership coordinator for such lists, along with a liaison from such a list to ERAL. The moderator and membership coordinator may title such positions as they see fit. Unless alternative titles are proposed, the positons are designated: Cyberfree/ERLAN Moderator Cyberfree/ERLAN Membership Coordinator Cyberfree Liaison

3. A voting ERLAN position is established for a volunteer maintaining a website with links to Earth Religionist Internet sites banned by Internet Communications Censorship Software, providing it is maintained and updated at least monthly. This position is currently filled by Lhiannon , but may be filled by others should it be needed. An ERLAN webpage (selected by the ERLAN Webweaver) shall be linked to the webpage of banned sites, and ERLAN encourages other websites to also link to these pages. The name of the position shall be the established by the person filling this position; but, in the absence of a proposed title, shall be designated the Banned Site Link Coordinator

4. Two ERLAN Positions shall be available to those, who on an ongoing basis, research the banning of sites by electronic communications censorship software, designated as:

a Internet censorship ban identifier (identifies and compiles a list of banned sites, and provides them to the Banned Site Link Coordinator, ERACL, etc.)

b Internet censorship policy and results researcher. Collects software censorship policy statements and tests tendencies of software to discriminate on the basis of religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, politics, or choice of body covering. Also collects similar studies, making findings available to ERACL, the Banned Site Link Coordinator and others involved in dealing with electronic censorship, within and outside of ERAL.

5. Two ERLAN positons are immediately made available to ERLAN representatives to pursue negotiations and with individuals, companies and institutions involved with electronic communications censorship software, designated:

a. Electronic Communication Freedom Liaison (which Dennis Kirkpatrick can have if he wants it)

b. Electronic Communications Freedom Attorney (available to a licensed attorney who helps in such efforts

The Electronic Communication Freedom Negotiator and the ERLAN Electronic Communications Freedom Attorney should be in frequent contact with each other and work in close cooperation. Each should bring the other into their negotiations, etc. -- when necessary and appropriate.

While these individuals are free to pursue such employment or activities as they may wish as an individual, they are not authorized to join any electronic communications censorship company board or equivalent group as a representative of ERLAN unless the company has adopted and is actively implementing policies consistent with ERLAN policies and programs on Electronic Communications Censorship Software

The Electronic Communications Freedom Liaison and Attorney shall provide monthly reports to ERAL on activities and progress related to associated ERLAN policies

Both individuals may establish another voting ERLAN position to those who assist them in such activities. The titles shall be initially designated as:

(a) Assistant Electronic Communication Freedom Liaison

(b) Electronic Communications Freedom Legal Assistant

The titles can be changed through mutual agreement between the parties involved

ERLAN declares its readiness to open other positons to people proposing ongoing work consistent with its policies.

6. CyberCensorship Chronicler: This position is for a member of ERAL and ERACL who will maintain a digest of all ERAL and ERACL messages pertinent to the issue of electronic communications software censorship and make it available to the ERAL members needing it, including the Tyger Team


No one shall serve as an official representative of ERLAN on a Board of an electronic communications censorship organization (or equivalent) until the organization and the censorship products they sell no longer ban internet sites on the basis of religion, nudity , sex education content, sexual orientation, legal political advocacy or race (excluding hate sites).

Provisions for private users to install options that would block such sites are allowed, providing they block all such sites equally regardless of

1. Religion (Christian, Pagan, Islamic, Jewish, Cult, etc. sites should be blocked equally)

2. Source of the nudity (whether the Louvre, National Geographic, or something else)

3. Relationship to education concerning sex (including but not limited to religious doctrine or, social, regulatory or institutional purpose--and including advocacy of celibacy)

4. Sexual orientation

5. Political stance (whether mainstream, revolutionary, or something else)

6. Race

or provide user defined options for selectively filtering such sites, in addition to general filters, except for those based on race, religion or sexual orientation.


This is a rough sketch of how to structure an ERLAN standard for Internet parental filtration software.

This is not an attempt to recast Larry Cornett's proposals. Our styles are too different; mine resembles the constitution of a small country, while his resembles the specifications of a small airplane. Call this the philosophical living room in which the standard resides.

o ERLAN basically does not care what kind of filtration is sold to private customers. We reserve the right to comment upon such, and particularly to classify them. If a standard appears to us to be a Christian standard, or a homophobic standard, or a standard likely to perpetuate ignorance of how to avoid STDs, we will say so, but in the spirit of consumer advisories: Know what you are buying in the software marketplace.

Some of our members, and members of ERAL and supporters of its mission, care very much about what filtration goes into homes. As an institution, ERLAN leaves to those individuals their articulation of such issues.

o ERLAN will drag into court any government agency that implements religious filtration of any sort, whether biased against Earth Religion or merely filtering "cults" without regard to theology. No government unit has any business making this kind of distinction in the United States or any of its territories or possessions. (The one exception would be anti-interference, anti- goof-off blockage of *all* religious sites in a system used exclusively by government employees in an agency.)

ERLAN's zero tolerance of religious filtration extends to systems that have such filters but do not implement them in a government installation. This is because of the possibility that a RRR hacker could get into, e.g., a public library with inactivated religious filtration and surreptitiously re-activate it. There are too many tales of Pagan and occult books being checked out of libraries and never returned, in towns where the RRR is active; too many tales of hackers able to circumvent supposedly impenetrable guards on these systems.

o ERLAN disapproves of any filtration of material in a public library, in which the library has turned over to the third-party software supplier the selection of Internet files in an area where the library staff makes such choices regarding what books and periodicals are on the shelves. The taxpayers intend the library staff to decide, not delegate, such matters.

This item is inspired by the CyberPatrol blockage of Environet.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% o The person ERLAN would recommend to the CyberPatrol Oversight Board would *not* be an institutional spokesperson in any sense - - i.e., *not* parallel to the NOW, NAACP, NRA, etc Board members -- but would be somebody from the Pagan community parallel to the minister, the social worker and the psychiatrist (psychologist?) on the same Board. ERLAN, as a group of Pagans and Pagan- friendlies with civil liberty concerns uppermost in mind, would be recommending this party as a qualified individual.

o ERLAN would also promulgate a set of standards for Internet filtration software, basically in the ballpark of Larry's Five Points and First Proposal (of three -- when does this man sleep?) and would designate someone to negotiate on their behalf with MicroSystems Software.

o The two foregoing *might* or *might not* be the same person.

o I am recommending Dennis Kirkpatrick for both slots.

The foregoing are four *separable* items.

I think the time is ripe for this. Microsystems is open to the idea; we have a willing candidate (maybe more than one by now); the bans on most Pagan sites have reportedly been lifted; ERAL's own site has been unblocked; and the religious-attitude botch of CyberPatrol's "Satanic/Cult" category has gone from an unnoticed aside to a major embarrassment overnight.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% passed by consensus today (6/15/98) at 2:46 PM EDT.


Effective 30 days from approval of this bylaw, any ERLAN position will be declared vacant for which the current member fails to post to ERAL a progress report on what they have achieved and what they plan to achieve (by specific deadlines, including within 30 days and within 90 days) within 30 days of the proposal being accepted, along with quarterly progress reports meeting these requirements afterwards. The progress reports shall also briefly summarize problems encountered in their work, and how the problems were solved, or request help on solving the problems.

The second quarterly report will be due at the end of September, the third at the end of December, the fourth at the end of March and the Fifth at the of June. The quarterly report deadlines shall repeat on this schedule.

Within 60 days of the passage of this bylaw, all ERLAN members are also required to review the job descriptions for their position in the ERLAN bylaws, and to formally propose to ERLAN and to post to ERAL such changes in the job description as may be necessary in the positions to fit the work they are actually able to do on a specific schedule they are likely to be able to meet. They are also required to propose new ERLAN positions for the remaining work within this 60 day time period.

This review of job descriptions and proposal of changes is to repeated at least on a quarterly basis afterwards (on the aforementioned quarterly reporting schedule). ERLAN members are encouraged to seek help from ERAL members on their projects when needed.

In addition, ERLAN Members are expected to spend at least four hours per month on work directly related to their position, unless a job description approved by ERLAN specifies an alternative level of effort and/or schedule for such effort.

ERLAN member at large positions are hereby created for those ERAL members who spend at least four hours per month assisting ERLAN members in their work, who send a proposal to the members of ERLAN to occupy such a position and a general description of what their work in the position involves (assuming the position is not objected to by ERLAN members within a week), and who post equivalent quarterly progress reports to ERAL.

In addition, an ERLAN Progress Tracker position is created on the ERLAN Board for a volunteer to maintain a digest of such progress reports, track compliance with the required reporting schedule, post to ERAL a summary of compliance at least quarterly, and to remind ERLAN members who have not posted progress reports of the need to post their progress reports and meet their previous commitments. The ERLAN Progress Tracker shall also post to ERAL a summary of all specific positions, members and e-mail addresses that have not met the requirements in the bylaws (including both tasks to be performed and quarterly reporting requirements) on a quarterly basis, and declare these positions vacant. The Progress Tracker shall also post to ERAL a list of active ERLAN members on a quarterly basis. The Progress Tracker's reports are due within 30 days of the other progress reports.

Furthermore, an ERLAN Auditor position is created for a volunteer to help the Progress Tracker track progress of ERLAN members meeting their commitments to do the work in their job descriptions by the designated deadlines in the bylaws and in their progress reports, to assist ERLAN members in soliciting such help as they need to complete or redefine their work, and to help assure that any necessary financial accounting of expenditures is taking place (in cooperation with the ERLAN Treasurer). All ERLAN members shall cooperate with the Auditor, the Progress Tracker, the Treasurer and other ERLAN members.

A new ERLAN financial auditor position can be created by the ERLAN Auditor or President, if needed, effective immediately upon proposal to ERLAN, unless objections occur among ERLAN members within a week.


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