Many Earth Religionists (Pagans, Wiccans, Shamans, mystics, etc.) have suffered job, housing, and other discrimination because of their beliefs and practices. Some have lost custody of their children after their beliefs, religion and rituals were misrepresented in court. Others have had suffered police harassment, vandalism, unfair licensing requirements, and other forms of discrimination. Some have been forced to move or spend thousands of dollars in their defense. Several new cases of this nature may occur every week in the United States alone.

Various national organizations exist that help Earth Religionists facing such problems, some mainly Pagan (WARD, WADL, Lady Liberty League, etc.) and some with broader missions, such as the ACLU, American United for Separation of Church and State, the Anti-Defamation League, etc. Regional Pagan, Pantheist and Human Rights organizations also sometimes also help. However, our resources are scattered, and many needing help never reach the resources they need. People spend considerable time and money re-inventing strategies and finding information that others have already compiled. The time has come to do something about this.

In January, 1996, a massive mobilization occurred to help a CUUPS member in Eastern Virginia who was accused of Witchcraft and lost custody of her daughter largely as a result. Enough information and support were offered in a two week period to deal with several such cases simultaneously. Help was provided to several such cases. Dozens of those involved are on the Internet. Much of the information gathered was not specific to the Virginia case, and can be made available to others with similar problems.

Information and contacts pertinent to helping Earth Religionists with legal problems because of their religion continues to pour in, and new people are joining. The momentum started in Virginia is now being channeled into a mobilization in cyberspace to help Earth Religionists with legal problems associated with their religion in real space. It is fueled by the widespread occurrence of similar cases and the knowledge that, through networking and sharing information, effective help can be mobilized. This Webpage is a manifestation of that mobilization, as are the Internet areas described elsewhere in our pages.

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