74. Isaac Philander Farnsworth, b. 25 May 1825 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV, d. ca. 1895 at CA (Ken Schumacher says d. 10-Mar-1894 in an email 9/14/2011)

Father: 72. Nathaniel Farnsworth (3), b. 22 February 1797 at Staten Island, NY, d. 24 September 1869 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV
Mother: Susanna Pamelia Simons, b. 23 May 1806, d. 1888 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV
He m. (1) by 11 Jul 1850 Mary Benson, dau. Robert A. Benson of Gilmer Co., WV. She d. before 16 Oct 1860 and he m. (2) in 1862 Harriet R. (Byrne) Brown, b. 9 Nov 1835, d au. Samuel and Juan Fernandez (Higgins, also called Hagans) Byrne. She had m. (1) 28 Jul 1857/8 in Scotland Co., MO, John R. Brown and they moved to Preston Co., WV in 1860. John Brown, with his sister, Ann Brown, were shot by Union soldiers as sympathizers. with the South in 1861.
Isaac P. Farnsworth lived in Calhoun Co., WV from 1862 until 1869 when he moved to Scotland Co., MO in 1879. After living for a while in IA and then returning to WV in 1883, they moved to CA in 1887.
ISAAC PHILANDER FARNSWORTH and his 1st wife, Mary Benson, had issue: 7th Gen.
1. Sarah S. Farnsworth, b. 1855 in Upshur Co., WV
2. Robert N. Farnsworth, b. 1857 in Calhoun Co., WV.

By his 2nd wife, Harriet R. (Byrne) Brown he had:
3. Mary Ida Farnsworth, b. 1863; d. cat 1882.
4. Charles Lucian Farnsworth, b. 1864 in Calhoun Co., WV; m. 1903 at Red Bluff, CA Annie L. Armstrong; in 1915 they lived at Manton, CA. 8th Gen.
1. Ethyl.
2. Alva.
3. Iola.
4. Charles Ray.

5. Leila Virginia, b. 1866; unm.
6. John Harrison, b. 1872.
7. Nettie M., b. 1876; m. (1) Mr. Gross and (2) Richard Slevin. 8th Gen.
1. Harlan Charles Gross, b. 1900.

8. Jennie Leila, b. 1878; m. 1902 Seth D. Purdon. 8th Gen.
1. Laura W. Purdon, b. 1903.
2. Coral Purdon, b. 1905.
3. Edna May Purdon Farnsworth.

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