77. Leonard Simons Stout Farnsworth, b. 21 December 1830 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV

Father: 72. Nathaniel Farnsworth (3), b. 22 February 1797 at Staten Island, NY, d. 24 September 1869 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV
Mother: Susanna Pamelia Simons, b. 23 May 1806, d. 1888 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV
m. 3 Jul 1856 Catherine Padget of <line missing> photographic gallery and was also a dentist. He was a very energetic and nervy man, having made three trips overland to CA since his 1st trip, there in 1853, returning home by water. He was a Mason, Oddfellow, etc.

LEONARD SIMONS FARNSWORTH and his wife, Catherine Padget, had issue in Buckhannon, WV: 7th Gen

1. Child, b. Sep 1857; d. unnamed.
2. Zonie Elizabeth Farnsworth, b. 29 Sep 1858; m. (1) Clark Holyfield of Easton, WV; he d. leaving one dau., b. 1881, and (2) 1 Sep 1892 Joseph Madison Trowbridge in Kingwood, WV.
3. Ella Pamelia Farnsworth, b. 29 Feb 1860; d. 7 Dec 1860.
4. Lee Leonard Farnsworth, b. 16 Apr 1861; m. 16 Apr 1891 Kittie N. Commens, b. 2 Oct 1868 at Ladose, WI.

In 1893 they res. Chicago, IL.
5. Willie Elbridge Farnsworth, b. 25 Nov 1862.
6. Ida bray Farnsworth, b. 9 Jun 1864; m. R. E. Curry, res. Addison, WV.

1. Dana Curry.

7. Thomas Othello Farnsworth, b. 9 Nov 1865; m. Signora Trowbridge, b. 10 Mar 1870.
8. Dessie Demona, or Desdemonia Farnsworth, b. 27 Feb 1868; m. Dr. Randolph C. Smith, res. Middlebury, VA.
9. Lloyd Arthur Farnsworth, b. 22 Nov 1870. He was a clerk in a flour and feed mill at Salem, VA.
10. Burt Ulysses Farnsworth, b. 13 Dec 1871. He was a natural musician and called the champion French harp player of the world, playing on two instruments at the same time. He was a shoemaker by trade.
11. Kittie Cora Farnsworth, b. 29 Mar 1873; d. 17 Mar 1894. She was returning home from Chicago when becoming violently ill, she raised the train window to vomit. The train, running at 55 miles an hour, gave a sudden lurch and she was thrown from the window and instantly killed.
12. Clifton Pleasant Farnsworth, b. 21 Aug 1874; d. 14 Sep 1874.
13. Fredric Howard Farnsworth, b. 20 Jun 1878; was a clerk in a stationery store in Buckhannon.
14. Frena Leota Farnsworth, b. 2 Aug 1879.
15. Harmon Garfield Farnsworth, b. 17 Nov 1880.

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