Nathaniel Farnsworth (2), b. 16 November 1713, d. bef. November 1749

Father: 5. Samuel Farnsworth, b. 2 April 1683 at Mansfield, White Hill, NJ, d. bef. 2 December 1747
Mother: Damaris Howard, b. ca. 1688 at Chesterfield, NJ, d. bef. 1751
mentioned in grandmother's will.
He held several public offices.
Farnsworth Memorial II, 2d Edition of the Farnsworth Memorial publ. 1897 by Moses Franklin Farnsworth. Revised 1974 by R. Glen Nye.

1749, May 9. Farnsworth, Nathaniel, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Anne. Children -- Amiriah and Rachel, both under age. Plantation in Bordentown. Executors -- friends Thomas Folks and Peter Imlay. Witnesses -- Benoni Gergory, Ju'r. Moses English, Geo. Bliss, Ju'r. Provided May 16, 1749. Lib 6, p. 310

1749, May 13. Inventory 185.14.2; made by Isaac Horner and Rob. Field. Includes debts due from Thomas Duglas, Samuel Thoen, Mathew Wright, Joseph Tilton, Robert Ashton, Anthony Lea, Joseph Rockhill, Benh'n and William French, Thomas Griggs, Estate of Sam'l Farnsworth, deceased Damares Farnsworth, John Butterfield, Jacob Taylor, Edward Wheatcraft, Preserved Brown, John Thorn, John Updike, John Flintham.
Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey First Series, Vol. 30, Calendar of Wills, Vol. II, 1730-1750, p. 172. ed. A. Van Doren Honeyman, 1918.

Spouse: Anne ?


Children and grandchildren:

  1. Amariah Farnsworth, m. Elizabeth Whitecroft, 4 June 1776 at Burlington, NJ, d. aft. May 1802
  2. Rachel Farnsworth, m. ? Jenkins

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