Thomas Grandison Farnsworth, b. 1836 at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV

Father: 42. Thomas Farnsworth (5), b. 1796 at Staten Island, NY, d. at Buckhannon, Upshur County, WV, d. 1870
Mother: Catherine Simons
He represented Upshur county, WV in the House of Delegates, 1870, 1872, 1873. Was twenty yrs. Councilman, two yrs. Mayor, and (1894) Health Officer of Buckhannon, WV.

FARNSWORTH, Thomas G. (1836-1921) was born in Buckhannon and died in that city at the age of 65. He was educated in private schools, studied medicine in Jefferson Medical College, then set up his practice in Buckhannon. He served in the 1871-1872 term of the State Legislature, was Mayor of Buckhannon for eight terms and was also a member of the City Council. He was a Republican. He married Mary J. Marshall and had 11, children. One of them, John W., was a lumber company official in Weston and represented Lewis County In the House of Delegates in 1929. West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, Vol. 7, p. 1531

THOMAS GRANDISON FARNSWORTH and his wife, Mary Jane Moore Marshall, had issue at Buckhannon, WV: 7th Gen.
1. Charles M., b. 1862.
2. Rose E, b. 1865.
3. Gertrude G., b. 1867.
4. Mary G., b. 1870.
5. Hugh Bloins, b. 1874.
6. John W., b. 1877.

Spouse: Mary Jane Moore Marshall

Father: Thomas Marshall
Mary Jane Moore Marshall, dau. of Thomas and Margaret, of Bath Co., VA.
Married 10 September 1856.

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