Upshur County

Old Time Marriages

1839 - David T. Wolfe ant Elizabeth Reger, George Rohrbough and Emily E Curtis, John Johnson and Catharine Campbell, William 0. Gould and Rebecca Smith, Benjamin Bassell and Lucinda Norris, John D. Linger and Lucinda Crites, Elisha Tenney and Sylvia Hows, Abram Crites and Magdaline Pringle, Hiram G. Rollins and Rachael Pringle, Owen Westfall and Arena Forinash, John M Shield and Catharine Hepner, Horace A. Phillips and Susan Cutright.

1840 - David Morrison and Helen Shreve, George Dean and Kiturah Wingrove, Abram Furr and Barbara Pifer, Watsen Westfall and Rachel Tenney, Joel Casto and Jemima Post, Elmore Cutright and Nancy A. Wolfe, Jehu Ours and Drusella Hess, William Warner and Rachael Hess, Robert Curry and Sarah Wilsson, Martin Westfall and Rebecca Warner, Jesse Lemmons and Rhuama Hyer, John T. Davis and Mary Loudin, John Winemiller and Almy Simms, Saul Barret and Sarah Bush, John J. Vincent and Elizabeth Wilson.

1841 - Jacob Clark and Susanah Crites, Isaac Rohrbough and Margarett Linger, James I. Moony and Elizabeth P. Westfall, Peter Lewis and Elizabeth Abbott, Isaac Post and Emily Carper, John Jack and Catharine Westfall, Abram J. Post and Mary S. Hinzman, David Cutright and Rachael Strader Forbes W. Chipps and Eliza A. Wamsley, Henry Simpson and Mary E. Leonard, Henry Wolfong and Catharine Mowry, Elbridge Bun and Jane Jack

1842 - William S. Brady and Frances I. Lemmons, John W. Abbott and Ruth Brady Jonas Strader and Elizabeth Hinkle James Herman and Margaret Casto, Thomas W. Vincent and Jane Wilson, Zedick Lanham and Elizabeth Talbott, Edward Davis and Christena Strader, Robert McAvoy and Margaret Wilson, Abram Post and Barbary Lance, Abram Hess and Elizabeth Lewis, Washington Radcliff and Catharine Hess, Frederick Wilfong and Magdaline Cutright, John M. Strader and Rebecca Radabough, Robert Cranville Shannon and Rachel Rollins Archibald Chenoweth and Margaret M. Hyer, George A. Westfall and Mary Ann Cutright, Hezakiah H. Boggess and Mercia Leonard, E. J. Colerider and Jemima Reger, Anthony Teets and Emma Dicks, David Neely and Susanah Kesling, Amziah Dawson and Sarah A. J. Loudin, Joel W. Westfall and Eliza B. Mills.

1843 - Anthony Rohrbough and Mary Clark; James Curry and Sarah M. McAvoy, Levi Legget and Rebecca Reger, John C. Cunningham and Elizabeth Armstrong, Joseph Flint and Sarah J. Hinzman, James Loomis and Chlocaur Phillips, Abram Hudkins and Mariah L. Morgan, Benjamin Gould and Eliza D. Morgan, John Crawford and Mary Wilson.

1844 - George W. Mills and Mary Liggett, Joel P. Crites and Susan Strader, Sampson Huffman and Mary Dean, Eli F. Westfall and Ruhama Cutright, James Wells and Louise Heavener, George Westfall and Rhuamy Cutright, Marshall Dean and Alcinda Butcher, Peter S. Smith and Catharine Esken, Uriah Phillips and Mary Rebecca Young James Dix and Rachel E. Brake, John 8. Morrison and Polly Heavener.

1845 - James Dicks and Rachel E. Brake, Stephen Curtis and Josenah Rinehart, John B. Morrison and PoUy Hersman, Blackwell Jackson and Emily Bird Lorentz, Joseph Flint and Mary B. Wolfe, Adam Rorabough and Susanah Curtis, William Mick and Susannah Cutright, Absalom P. Haney and Dorcas Tenney, Salathael Cutright and Bridget Wolfe, Chaney Pringle and Malvian Crites, George Talbott and Lavina Wilson Valentine Hinkle and Matilda Dean, John W. Casto and Mary Strader, Edmund D. Rollins and Sarah Reese, George W. Miller and Winfred E Jackson, Reason Queen and Catharine Reed, Washington Summers and Samantha Crites.

1846 - Jared Armstrong and Eliza Bennett, Nimrod C. Brake and Mary J. Curry, William Curry and Mary C Wilson, Peter Rusmusell and Cecelia Eagle, Ephriam Thompson and Minerva Jane Dean, Jeremiah Brown and Jemima McCord, James McGee and Susan A. C. Talbott, Newton B. Barnes and Mary A. Wilson, Robert Whitney and Sarah J. McCray, Lewis Maxwell and Sophrona M. Wilson, William Winemiller and Martha Abbott, Samuel Armstrong and Anne Clark Simon Roberts and Elizabeth Casto, Anthony Tenney and Rebecca Strader, Jacob Ours and Rebecca Casto, Alpheus H. Upton and Elizabeth M. Howell, John D. Lowdin and Mary Pickens, Nathan Cutright and Susanah Hinkle, Jeremiah Lance and Elizabeth Paugh, Peter B. Williams and Sarah E. Lemmons, Samuel Winemiller and Louisa Abbott Philip Reger and Jane McCoy, James Morrison and Rachel West, Henry J McCally and Jane Blagg, David B Smith and Prucilla Smallridge, Major Thorp and Lydia Morgan, Benjamin Chesney and Sindie Ann Barb.

1847 - John S. Rohrbough and Nancy A. B. White, John Loudin and Doudenia Brake, Joseph D. Rapp and Virginia C Miller, Earl E. Young and Mary E. Clark, A. W. C Lemmons and Margerett Hosaflook, David Phillips and Estha Gould, George W. Tenney and Ruhama Barb, James M. Wilson and Rebecca Westfall, Washington Boggs and Barbara Loudin, Henry Montgomery and Sarah Ours, Isaac Montgomery and Barbara Westfall, David D. Smith and Mary Abbott, Valentine J. Lorentz and Phebe Summers, Zophenia Boswell and Susan Farnsworth, John Smith, Henry Curtis and Prucy Warner, Sanford B. Young, and Phebe Taylor, John Davis and Clarisa Farnsworth, Jacob Stader and Susanah Shultz, Mathew W. Bradley and Ann E. C. Wertenbaker, Isaac Ours and Phebe Casto.

1848 - William J. Reade and Rachael Dix, William Draw and Sarah F. Kiddy, Jacob Teeter and Catharine Loudin Chapman Hernden and Parmelia E. Rohrbough, Warick G. Harper and Jane Hyre, Eliah W. Bright and Susanah Chandler, J. B. Casto and Samantha Marple lames S. Wilson and Ann C. Ferrell Alonzo A. Young and Martha A. Clark, Christian Smith and Jane Carper, Nicholas D. Linger and Sarah Harper, Nicholas D. Linger and Sarah Clark, Jonathan Jack and Martha McCann.

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