Sara Ann (Sallie) Jones, b. 14 January 1849

Father: John Logan Jones, b. 1 June 1820, d. 27 February 1896
Mother: Mary (Polly) George

Spouse: Aaron Gilbert French, b. 3 March 1846, d. 18 August 1929

Father: J. R. French
Used the name Gilbert
John L. and Polly George Jones' daughter, Sallie, had married Gilbert French, who was a brother of Adelia Delora. The Gilbert Frenches are known to have lived in Kingsville, Mo. for a time, and that is where John L. Jones is said to have gone when he left Pisgah.
Married 24 October 1868 at Pisgah, Moniteau Township, Cooper Co., MO.

Children and grandchildren:

  1. Lulu Delia French, b. 4 August 1869, m. John Hester Marshall; 2 grandchildren
  2. May Martha French, b. 29 June 1874, m. Harry Macajah Stephens, 21 June 1899, d. 30 August 1966; 2 grandchildren

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