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by E.K. Casler

The frogs sing forth
the rain from heaven,
their voices gilded
in procession.

Here beneath
this carpet of green
flows all that is,
ever has been.

Towards light all leaves
unfold their glory.
The message more
than just a story.

Somewhere a tiger
regards her last breath
and heaves a sigh
for the few that are left.

Is all the world
just coin to squander?
Or will you fill
your glass with wonder?

Don't look for the answer
in faraway skies
when truth lives here
in each pair of eyes.

The frogs sing forth
the rain of heaven,
their voices golden
numinous prescience.

Here within
this sheltering sea
swims all that is,
ever will be.

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This work is copyright The Witches Trine and the author, 1997. All rights reserved.

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