Invocation to Demeter

by Calypso Iris

Demeter with Torches
I call Demeter
Bearer of Fair Offspring
nourisher of youth
The Wealthy One
abundant mother of grain
bringer of good harvest

I call Demeter
Sorrowing One
whose grief and loss
whose despair and rage
bring famine and ruin
in their wake

I call Demeter
Relentless One
seeker of justice
Constant Mother
who will not be turned aside
until the lost is found again
the beloved returned
returned/restored to wholeness

Turn to us Lady
Give us good harvest
Preserve us through the dark time
Come to us Lady
Come in to your circle
Be here with us now.

This work is copyright The Witches Trine and Calypso Iris, 1995. All rights reserved.

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