Celtic Bibliography - Celtic Spirituality and Archaeology

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Spirituality - Modern

Carr-Gomm, Philip, ed. (1996) The Druid Renaissance San Francisco: Thorsons, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.
An anthology of Druidry. This is the best source for an overview of thinking by modern writers on the latest flowering of Druids in the 20th century.

Green, Miranda, (1997) World of the Druids London: Thames & Hudson Ltd.
A treatment of the historical role of Druids in Celtic society plus an update on the Druid Revival in Britain and America today.

Jones, Noragh (1994) Power of Raven, Wisdom of Serpent Dufour Editions
Excerpts from the Carmina Gadelica illuminate women's concerns in pre-modern Scotland with an aim to helping both Pagan and Christian women resacralize their lives.

Kondratiev, Alexei (1998) Apple Branch San Francisco: Collins
A summary of Celtic history and religion followed by suggestions on how to bring Celtic spirituality into your own life. Excellent research.

Laurie, Erynn Rowan (1995) A Circle of Stones: Journeys and Meditations for Modern Celts Chicago: Eschaton Productions Inc
Using Celtic poetry and modern spiritual practices the author details creation of "stones of contemplation" used as a meditation aid. Poems are given in both English and Gaelic and encourage a connection with the mystical elements of the Celtic world.

Stewart, Robert J. (1992) Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses, London: Blandford
Detailed look at the magic, mythology and religion of the Celts using archaeological evidence plus folklore and Celtic and Medieval literature.
---- (1996) Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends , London: Blandford
---- (1999)Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids, London: Blandford

Spirituality - Ancient

Brunaux, Jean Louis, 1988 (Eng trans.) The Celtic Gauls: Gods, Rites and Sanctuaries, London: B. A. Seaby Ltd. [Out of Print]
A good overview of religion in late Iron Age France.

Green, Miranda, (1989) Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art, London: Routledge
Detailed study of Celtic religious imagery between 500 BCE to 400 CE, primarily Continental but with extended references to Insular practice.
---- (1996) Celtic Goddesses : Warriors, Virgins and Mothers, New York: G. Braziller
Celtic goddesses presided over war, nature, animals, healing and fertility. From early iconography, the vernacular traditions and to the ultimate transition to Christianity, this book details the Godddesses and legendary women of the Celts.
----(1998) The Gods of the Celts, Sutton Publishing
An integrated look at the Celtic Gods of Britain and the Continent based mainly on the archaeological record with reference to vernacular and classical writings; this updates Anne Ross on Britain.
---- (1999) The Gods of Roman Britain, Buckinghamshire: Shire Publications
Romano-Celtic deities and archaelogy finds.

Mythology & Vernacular traditions

Carmichael, Alexander (1992) Carmina Gadelica: Hymns & Incantations Lindisfarne Books
This is an English-only edition of the prayers and incantations Carmichael gathered in 19th century Scotland. It also lacks the folkloric commentary of the full volume. It is a wonderful source of poetic inspiration none-the-less.

Davidson, Hilda R Ellis (1988) Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe : Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions, Syracuse: Syracuse University Press
Davidson puts the Celtic religion in context using the better documented Scandinavian sources.
---- (1990) Gods and Myths of Northern Europe Viking Press
This is more Northern European/Germanic than Celtic, but excellent reading.
---- (1998) Roles of the Northern Goddess
A well researched work on the Goddesses and women of ancient Northern Europe.

Ellis, Peter Berrisford (1999) The Chronicles of the Celts : New Tellings of Their Myths and Legends
New retellings of myths from all six Celtic cultures -- Irish, Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, and Breton.

Evans-Wentz, Walter Y. (1990) Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries Citadel Press [Out of Stock]
Information gathered at the turn of the century in Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Wales and Brittany regarding the folk beliefs of the people.
Gantz, Jeffrey, (1988) Early Irish Myths and Sagas, NY:Penguin
A good secondary source for Irish mythology.

Rees, Alwyn and Brinley Rees (1989) Celtic Heritage : Ancient Tradition in Ireland and Wales London: Thames & Hudson
A classic scholarly analysis of Irish mythology in the context of Indo-European folklore.

Stewart, Robert J. (1990) Walker Between Worlds : A New Edition of the Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies Out of Print but can be found online
Robert Kirk (1644-97), minister of Aberfoyle wrote about the folks beliefs of 17th century Scotland.

General Archaelogy and Iconography

Chadwick, Nora (1998) The Celts, 2nd Edition New York: Penguin Books
Overview of Celtic kingdoms both insular and continental, religion, Christianity, art and literature.

Cunliffe, Barry (1979) The Celtic World: An Illustrated History of the Celtic Race, Their Culture, Customs and Legends,New York : McGraw-Hill. [Out of Print]
A beautifully illustrated account of both Insular and Continental Celts. Cunliffe tends to see the Celts with Romanized eyes.
----(1988) Greeks, Romans and Barbarians: Spheres of Interaction, London : B. T. Batsford [Out of Print]
A meticulously footnoted study of the interactions between the Mediterranean world and the "barbarians". Details economic ties which greatly influenced the culture of the Celts
----(1997) The Ancient Celts, New York : Oxford University Press

Green, Miranda, (ed.) (1992) Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend, London: Thames & Hudson Ltd.
Dictionary entries on Celtic myth, legend and folklore in Britain and Europe between 500 BCE and 400 CE.
---- (1996) Celtic World

MacCana, Proinsias (1968, py 1991) Celtic Mythology, New York: Peter Bedrick [Out of Print]
Overview of Celtic Mythology, includes both Gaulish and Insular traditions.

Ross, Anne (1967) Pagan Celtic Britain: Studies in Iconography and Tradition, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul
Classic treatment of the Gods of Britain based mainly on the archaeological record with reference to vernacular and classical writings. Has largely been replaced by more recent findings and theories.
----(1970) The Everyday Life of the Pagan Celts, London: Transworld [Out of Print]
Comprehensive discussion of both insular and continental life, drawing on both archaeology and contemporary literature for information.

Ross, Anne and Don Robins (1989) The Life and Death of a Druid Prince: The story of an archaeological sensation, London: Random Century [Out of Print]
Speculative analysis of Lindow Man and his bog burial in Lindow Moss near Manchester, Eng.

Rutherford, Ward (1987) Celtic Mythology: Nature & Influence of Celtic Myth - Druidism to Arthurian Legend, Wellingborough: The Aquarian Press
Scholarly discussion of Celtic myth and thought. The author has also written books on druids and on shamanism and this allows insights on subjects such as prophesy. He then carries the influence of the Celts up into Arthur and other later manifestations.

---- (1993) Celtic Lore : The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions Thorsons
Discussion of druids as Indo-European shamans and their impact on Classical civilization and more.

Other Sources

Caesar, Julius, 1980 (new trans.) The Battle for Gaul, Boston: David R. Godine [Out of Print]
The eight books of Caesar's Commentaries on the Gaulish campaign

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