Goddess holding World in her Hands

The Story of the Mural

Thanks for coming by! This has been a really amazing project for me this summer. You've already read what inspired it, here is the actual work in progress and in final.

First I drew a sketch which I scanned into the computer. Then I tweaked and colored the sketch until I had the mix of colors that I wanted. I had planned to do the measured-square method of transferring the sketch to the wood - but then it occurred to me I could just print it out at actual size and use chalk paper to transfer the design.

Then I found out that neither Photoshop nor Painter would print anything bigger than a page. Hmm. Wished for the old paint/draw program days when this was trivial. Played around for a couple of days and then found out (with the help of my husband, Russell-the-Photoshop-Guy) that I could select an area and print that. Soooo, I set the size of the painting at 8' x 9' and started printing 8"x8" sections. Cut them up and then had a giant jigsaw puzzle to put together.

Rowan working with design and 8

Once that was done the design was transferred panel by panel. I did the top panel first and set the Lady up so that she could watch my progress.

Rowan working with Brighid looking on

And I basically spent July, August and September painting. And painting. And listening to Caroline Casey tapes trying to teach me about astrology and various Celtic music tapes to which I could sing along. It was really a lovely meditative experience. I don't know that I learned all that much astrology though.

Rowan painting

My big weekend with the IMBAS Ard-Fheis was coming up and my Rite for the Peace of All at Gaia's Gateway. I really wanted to have her finished - and I did! Here she is up against the temple/studio building. Ooops! She's too tall to fit under the roofline. I've measured wrongly again!

Rowan standing next to the finished mural

I'm really jazzed and hope that she will be invited to various rituals and venues in the months to come.

To Date:

For the 72 Hours for Peace vigil she was be present at the Interfaith Center at the Presidio. She also graced the NROOGD Brighid ritual in Berkeley in February 2000 and is often found at the PantheaCon. If you are interested in having her - and remember that is 9 feet high by 8 feet wide - at your Bay Area event, please contact me. rowanf @ conjure.com

Prints, (8x10 and 11x14) and cards are available. Contact me if you're interested.

Bright blessings,

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