Navigating the World Wide Web:

Starting Places

Finding Information on the Internet
A series of Tutorials from the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley.
Internet Searching Strategies
A tutorial from the Rice University Fondren Library on how to formulate a search and evaluate the results.
George Washington University Web Search Pages
Excellent tutorials and links to search engines both general and specific.

Search Engine Watch
Comprehensive search engine listings, reviews, tests, info.
Search IQ
Independent reviews and rankings to help you make informed choices in selecting search tools.
Pandia Search Central
Search tutorials, search engine news and a guide to search engines and directories.
Search Engine Showdown: the Users' Guide to Web Searching
Compares and evaluates Internet search engines from the searcher's perspective.

General Search Engines & Directories

Combined/Parallel Engine sites

All-in-One Search Page
A compilation of various forms-based search tools into a common interface.
Beaucoup Search Engines
Links to search engines both general and topical. Topical engines are indexed by subject. Metasearching available.
An aggregated collection of Search Engines with good explanations of the types.
Dataware II Query Server
Well organized returns from a variety of general search engines. Also available Financial searches. They offer a customizable product for intranets.
Calls out in parallel all the best search engines on the internet, merges the results, removes redundancies, and clusters the results into neat understandable groupings. Currently 8/2000 calling WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, and Excite.
The Internet Sleuth
Collection of web search engines plus collections of specialized search engines by category. This site now indexes over 1500 searchable databases and supports parallel searching of up to 10 databases within categories. - the Mother of All Search Engines
Queries web search engines for text, MP3, images, news, video and jobs.
Acquired by Go2Net portal, it queries web search engines, including Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler, Excite, AltaVista, Thunderstone, The Mining Co., Looksmart, and Yahoo.
Search advice and links to a variety of general and specialized web search engines.
Queries search engines, directories, news, government and auctions.
W3 Search Engines
A page that collects finding aids for searching for information via the Web.

Search Engines

Digital's new super webspider search engine.
C/Net Search.Com
Infoseek engine searches for web sites, software, people, businesses, stock quotes or city maps, plus speciality searches.
A non-boolean search engine for searching web, usenet and web reviews - which are also arranged in an index. One nice feature - it can arrange the found set by related pages.
Fast Search - All the Web
General search engine, as of summer of 1999 claims more than 200 million documents.
Filez - FTP Search Engine
Searches for software updates, games, graphics, sounds, movies, audio files and more.
Searches for text strings using a page ranking scheme which uses the number of links to a page as indicative of quality.
Search and browse Web pages, Usenet newsgroups, FTP and Gopher sites, and more.
The search engine from Wired magazine offers powerful search capability and a database of over 54 million Web documents.
Info retrieval with abstracts of WWW documents.
Reviewed and rated sites. Boolean and adjacency and wildcard searching are available.
Northern Lights Search
The search both the web (free) and their custom sources ($) and organize the results into folders. Article prices from their custom sources range from $1-$4.
Teoma Technologies
A text search engine which uses a ranking scheme similar to Google but with pages on which the search string appears having higher weight than less relevant pages.
Tradewave's Galaxy
(formerly EIN) An subject index and web search engine, plus a link search engine
WebCrawler: A database indexed by keyword of places on the Web.
Search by domain name or browse domains by topic index.
WWW Worm/GoTo.Com
Database search by single keyword.


Argus Clearinghouse
A central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources.
Bodleian Library
The Bodleian Library in Oxford offers many services to its users. The BARD project while not allowing full access outside the Oxford community has good resources.
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Links to over 14,000 academic Internet/Web resources including databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, listservs, online library card catalogs, articles and directories of researchers.
DMOZ - Open Directory Project
Open source human-edited general web directory project.
Directory - yellow pages and white pages, maps, classified advertisements, real-time stock quotes, information on local businesses and events, weather forecasts and horoscopes
A general-interest multipointer site with some interesting features.
Librarian's Index to the Internet
A librarian-indexed directory that focuses on gathering and organizing high-quality resources for both public and library users.
Library of Dreams
A list of indexes and search engines.
A searchable index with many customized features, including local Yahoo sites for major cities (e.g. SF Bay Area Yahoo) and a personalized news service.
ComputerImages Technical Support Service
Directory of Internet resources for those seeking assistance with Windows and Macintosh software.
U Albany Library - Computer Science directory
A pathfinder for computer science departments, algorithms, associations, databases, journals, conferences and more.

Specialized Search Engines & Directories

Invisible Web

Complete Planet
Searching this site returns specialized databases and search engines for you to run your query against.
Searching this site returns specialized databases and search engines for you to run your query against.

Computers & Science

Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library at UC Berkeley
NCSTRL is a collection of computer science technical reports from participating institutions - primarily PhD granting universities and research labs. UCB's TRs are browsable by author name here as well.
Cora Search Engine
An experimental search engine covering computer science research papers available in postscript.
Research Index
A scientific literature digital library that aims to improve the dissemination and feedback of scientific literature, from NEC Research Institute.
First Gov
Search engine for web sites of the US Government. - The Macintosh Search Engine
Search for hardware, software, updates, shareware, troubleshooting, programming and anythinig else Macintosh.
Net Searcher
Designed for Webmasters, system administrators, IS managers and e-commerce professionals and limited to only Web sites publishing credible, and reliable information about the Internet.

Search engine specializing in business searches.
B-to-B search engine. Search from over 120,000 manufacturing and supplier companies.
Tech Savvy
Several searchable IHS databases and a business-to-business search providing technical, engineering, design, maintenance and procurement information.
Financial Data Services


News at Altavista
Search breaking news from
News Tracker
Excite engine which searches current news from over 300 newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Forbes, and Entertainment Weekly.
Total News
A search engine and directory of news sites.
Pandia News Finder
Headlines, summaries and links to articles from news sites, including BBC, Yahoo, The Washington Post, and NewsHub. Select "Extended Search" to include CNN and MSNBC.
Links to news sites, including mainstream sources, newspapers, world and local news, business and finance, political, weather and science, health, and stock exchanges.


Ariadne Spider
A Pagan search engine and web portal.
Avatar Search
Searchable listings for spiritual, occult and magical sites.
An index of queer info on the web arranged by topic and by geographic area.
Political Information
Search engine specializing in online policy and political resources and congressional schedules.
Statistical Resources on the Web
Links to statistical resources and data sets.

USENET Search Engines

Forum One
Search USENET discussion groups.
Search USENET discussion groups by group or by message content.
Google Groups
Search and post to USENET discussion groups.

Searching for People

Internet Address Finder
Searchable white pages. You need last name and can narrow by first name, organization or domain. Also reverse listing - search by e-mail address. (almost 7 million listings 8/98).
Pointers to searching for e-mail addresses.
Pointers to College/University home pages around the globe. Go to the University page and look for a CWIS/White Pages. Straight to US Universities.
World Wide Profile Registry
A place to register your whereabouts and to look for other folks.
White pages - address and e-mail searching.
Four 11
Large white pages - e-mail and address search.
Who Where
e-mail and address search.

Any Who Directories by AT&T Labs
Personal and business listings. Basic telephone listings unless the party has chosen to augment it with e-mail, fax, etc.
Telephone Directories on the Web
An index of phone books from all around the world.
Nationwide business and residential directories, plus web page and e-mail searching.

Yellow Pages

BigBook Online Yellow Pages
Search 11 million U.S. businesses and get basic (phone/address) yellow pages information.
Yahoo! Yellow Pages
Search US businesses by city or zip code and category to get location/contact info.
Big Yellow by Bell Atlantic
Search for businesses or people, search for email addresses via Switchboard and view links to global directories.
Telephone and Web directory services, including area codes, white pages, yellow pages, reverse look-up, local web sites, international calling codes, international directories and e-mail address.

Searching for Images

A Columbia University-based project for cataloging visual information, both still and video, on the World Wide Web.
Yahoo Image Surfer
A spider automatically extracts and catalog images, leading to a quirky collection of links to images from around the web.
Altavista Photo Finder
Search the web and/or the Corbis archives for photos or artwork.
A visual search engine for the web using pictures instead of text.

Searching for Audio

Multimedia and MP3 Search Engines
Lycos Music Search
MP3, concert guide, and much more.
Audio Find
MP3 search engine.

Searching for Events & Trade Shows

Searchable database of over 5,000 exhibitions around the world, news on event planning and more.
EXPO Guide
Searable database of trade shows and conferences, plus info on exhibition halls, show services, and more
An online calendar system that offers tradeshows, but also cultural events, media listings, sports and more. North America with some International.
Trade Show Central
Find tradeshows, expos, conferences, seminars, event industry suppliers, virtual tradeshow & online floorplan management solutions, webcasts, and more.

Searching for Maps

Topo Zone
Provides interactive USGS topographic maps of the entire United States.
ArcData Online
GIS info which allows you to browse a world of geographic data to create live maps of your areas of interest.
Etak Guide
Searchable digital map database, for the United States, shows location by street and city or by longitude and latitude.
Xerox PARC Map Viewer
Creates world or US maps on demand from a geographic database. Shows very little detail.
Yahoo! Maps
The Etak database with a bit more in the way of navigation aids. Map out your next driving trip!
Multimap UK
Maps from large scale down to 10,000 to 1 give great detail for travel planning or family research.

Searching for an Internet Service Provider

The List
A truly amazing world-spanning list from Mecklarmedia.
Search Web Hosting
Web hosting news, products and technical tips.

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