Flyers on CoG and Witchcraft

The Northern California Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess wishes to make our flyers available electronically in PDF form rather than handing out paper copies. The copyrights are generally noted on each flyer, please respect them.

About Witchcraft or Paganism

Pagan Musing by Tony Kelly This essay was first published in 1971 in the British edition of The Waxing Moon, under the title "Pagan Movement."

What is Wicca? An Introduction to "The Old Religion" of Europe and its Modern Revival, by Amber K.

Witchcraft: Commonly-Asked Questions, Straightforward Answers. A flyer produced by Leigh Ann Hussey in 1989.

Principles of Wiccan Belief. Council of American Witches statement from 1974.

About Covenant of the Goddess

1993 Overview of Covenant of the Goddess. Prepared for the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions.

Covenant of the Goddess. A general overview.

CoG Service Directory. This directory summarizes the services offered by COG to its members.

NCLC Recommended Reading List (1999). This reading list was assembled nearly ten years ago, but most of these titles are still available. These are titles that many leaders of COG covens recommend to their students.

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