ERAL is not your lawyer. ERAL is not providing you with legal advice. What ERAL does provide is information from other cases that are similar to yours and generic information. Many of the people who make up ERAL are not attorneys nor do they claim to be attorneys. None of the attorneys working with ERAL will provide any specific legal information about your case to any non-attorneys. ERAL is not, nor will it ever be, responsible if you take the advice offered as legal advice and act thereon. ERAL does not claim to keep private any information submitted to it. Nor does ERAL claim to be able to protect any information transmitted (by any means) to any individuals or organizations for any purpose whatsoever. ERAL is not responsible for any actions taken by anyone who receives any transmitted information.


By requesting help or submitting information, the complainant agrees to hold harmless ERAL and its representatives for all purposes.

The complainant understands that there is no guarantee that legal, informational, or financial help will be procured by the networking service or from us. The complainant agrees that we are not responsible for actions of any individuals, organizations, or electronic media that we submit information to or request help from. The complainant asserts that he/she has no expectation of privacy for information submitted to us.

The complainant asserts that no information submitted to us is false, defamatory, or identifies any individual by last name, street address, or without the individual's permission.

The complainant understands that the legal or factual information provided to him/her is only meant to be educational and does not substitute for the services of an attorney. The complainant understands that nothing any of us communicates constitutes legal advice. And the complainant agrees that we are not responsible for the outcome of his/her legal case.

I, ______, understand that by requesting help and/or submitting information to EARL that I agree that I will not hold EARL, its moderators, its members, its volunteers, and/or anyone connected with EARL liable, blameworthy, or in any way financially responsible for any information given to me and/or any reliance I placed on such information.

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