We help those who are being discriminated against on the basis of their Pagan/Mystic/Earth-based spiritual beliefs or practices, particularly where there are no other complicating non-religious issues. We might be able to help by providing you and your attorney information or by referring you to organizations who would be better able to help you. We might also be able to help by finding a volunteer to serve as a coordinator connecting you with individuals, expert witnesses and information.

We generally do not provide money towards your legal expenses, however we may refer you to people and organizations that can help you with free or sliding scale services or who may let it be known if you need money for such expenses.

Do not count on any or all of the above types of help. We are unpaid volunteers with limited resources, and what help we can provide is dependent on whether or not you give us the information that we need to assess your situation and whether or not we find one or more volunteers to assist in your situation.

You are also expected to do what you can to help yourself.

We may post your information and requests to the Earth Religions Assistance Lists (ERAL) and the Witches Against Religious Discrimination (WARD) Echo, and other locations where it would be seen by religious rights activists, including members of the Lady Liberty League, Unitarian Earth Religionist activists, human rights attorneys, members of the Witches Anti-Discrimination Lobby (WADL), etc.. Individuals, organizations, and electronic media contacted may forward the information and requests on elsewhere on the Internet, and individuals or organizations may contact you through us or directly. Please specify what information concerning your identity you would want to have us share.

It is our usual practice to post full identifying information on the ERAL and to forward it to persons who we consider to be reliable, and to use initials, or a first name, or an alias (or nickname or Craftname), and a P.O. Box or other secure way to contact you in more publicly available media, such as Echoes or publications. However, you post your identification at your own risk. Religious Bigots exist who can cause problems. We assume no responsibility for any leaks of sensitive information to inappropriate locations or the consequences.

Please do not use identifying information about anyone (including addresses/phone numbers/fax numbers) without explicit permission of the individual. Please do not make defamatory statements (false statements which might damage someone's reputation), and stick to the facts. Please let us know if you receive any useful or not so useful information or if any problems arise with any individual or organization.

While we need to receive the form filled out in electronic format (either as e-mail or as an ASCII file or Word 6.0 or WordPerfect 5.1 or earlier, for MSDOS), please also send a hardcopy printout, with your signature where indicated, and each page initialed and dated.

This version is presented for information only.

ERA General policies
Basic Intake Information.
How confidential is this information?
What kind of help do you need?
Please tell us more about your case.
Tell us about your religious tradition.
What documentation do you have?
Working without an attorney
Disclaimer and Waiver

A full text copy for downloading is available.

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