Rowan's Icons and Clip Art Collection


Celtic Clip Art

Celtic Clip Art
An intertwined bird/dog and an elemental circle.
Celtic Critters
Herons, a peacock, mad dogs and a lion.
Celtic ornament
Some knotwork and a grey interlace.
Small Celtic ornament/icons
Some small knotwork, a harp and a pentacle.

Celtic Art by Rowan

Celtic Bars by Rowan - Set 1
Celtic bars by Rowan - knotwork galore
Celtic Bars by Rowan - Set 2
Celtic bars by Rowan - oak leaves and double lines
Celtic Bars by Rowan - Set 3
Celtic bars by Rowan - wider knotwork bars
Celtic Bars by Rowan - Set 4
Celtic bars by Rowan - knots and rings
Celtic Buttons by Rowan
Two and three knot buttons by Rowan.
To the best of my knowledge, all artwork offered here is free for use by any web designer.
If you use the Celtic bars or buttons I have created, please put a link to my site. Thanks.

If you are looking for more Celtic art for your pages, may I recommend:

The World of Celtic Art
A wide array of both clip art and extensive information on Celtic art in general with galleries of ancient and contemporary work.
Celtic art and Illumination
Cari Buziak's pages include a selection of clip art - and check out her wonderful tutorials!
Celtic and Scythian Motifs by Randy D. Ralph
A beautiful and varied collection of bars.
See also my Celtic Music and Art links for further exploration of Celtic art and artists.
Also, I put up a weekly picture in Rowan's Gallery showcasing my other artwork.

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