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Celtic Music Archive
Mudcat Cafe
Mudcat Cafe hosts folk music discussions and the searchable Digital Tradition Folk Song database.

Amhrán Gaelach
Irish Language song archive.
Music in the Isle of Man
Information on artists and music (including music in Gaelic) available.
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCE) - North America
The American branch of the international organization dedicated to the advancement of traditional Irish music, language, dance , and culture.
Contemplator's Folk Music Site
Folk and Traditional Music and Poular Songs, with Lyrics, Midi, Tune Information and History behind the folksongs and ballads. Irish, British and American Folk Music including Francis J. Child Ballads and Sea Shanties.

Celtic Music or Dance events

Ceolas - Celtic Music events
Celtic artist and band appearances around the world.
Breton folk dancing and music
Information from Ray Price, a teacher of the circle and spiral dances of Brittany and the country dances of central France.
List of traditional Irish set dancing and ceili dancing events throughout Ireland.

Celtic Music and Instruments for sale

Dara Records
Mailorder distributor of Irish and Celtic music, and publishers of the Irish Music News.
Green Linnet
A record label offerings a searchable catalog of music from the Celtic lands.
Shanachie Entertainment
A record label offering Celtic and world music.
Lark in the Morning
Fine supplier of instruments and music. Bodhrans, etc.
Locrian Records
Australian record label specialises primarily in modern, contemporary Celtic and ethnic folk music. They have Gaelic and Brythonic language recordings.
Magical Strings
Celtic lap harps, concerts and classes in the Seattle, WA region.
Sylvia Woods Harp Center
Supplier of harps and harp recordings, harp music books, harp history books, harp accessories and many other things for the harp lover, including Sylvia Woods' own recordings.

Poetry, Storytelling and Literature

Irish Literature and Theatre on the Web
Pointers to Irish poetry and drama sites.
Irish Poetry Page
The work of many Irish poets is represented here, along with links to Irish literature sites.
Seamus Heaney
Selected work of the Nobel prize wining poet.
Celtic Spirit
Workshop schedules, tape information and writings from Mara Freeman, writer, storyteller, and teacher of Celtic and British earth-based wisdom traditions.
100 favorite Irish poems
Jorn Barger has made a web page with all 100 poems chosen in an Irish Times survey as best loved Irish poems (in Irish or English).

Celtic Art

Dissertation on Celtic Art
Constanze Witt is presenting her dissertation in hypertext format with images. In process - but already impressive! She is how at UT - You may have to check around for her dissertation.

How to Draw Your Own Celtic Knots
Drew Ivan offers detailed instructions in the art of knotwork with an ever-growing collection of links to various methords.
Celtic Knots
More examples of grids and knots for the aspiring knotworker.
Celtic Knotwork: the Ultimate Tutorial
An interesting method for doing knotwork. Available in French or English.
Celtic Art & Cultures
A site designed for a Art History course on Celtic Art and Cultures at UNC. It is a beautiful and informative site about many aspects of Celtic art through the centuries.

Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork
Abbott has written a Visual Basic (Win31, Win95/NT) program to draw knots which is available for download. He shows examples of 2D and 3D knotwork he has done.

Rowan's Icons
Celtic ornament and clip art grace my collection.
Celtic and Scythian Motifs by Randy D. Ralph
A beautiful and varied collection of bars.
Cari Buziak's Celtic art and Illumination
Grand tutorials on how to do knotwork by hand, plus clip art and examples of Cari's work.

Celtic Art for Sale

Courtney Davis Homepage
Information on the availability of Mr. Davis' fine Celtic art.
Jen Delyth's Keltic Designs
The fabulous art of Jen Delyth is available on t-shirts, as jewelry, on silk scarves and more. Visit the gallery and read her comments about various pieces.
Celtic Lady
Traditional and Original Celtic Art and fonts for Computer use and handcrafted jewelry created by Susan Zalusky
Celtic Max Celtic Art Gallery
The exquisite style of Peter Sutter is amply demonstrated in this beautiful gallery of original work.
Aidan Meehan's Celtic Design Series Homepage
Mr. Meehan is the author of some outstanding books for learning how to produce Celtic-style artwork, which he details herein.
Scriptorium's Celtic Collection
Font collections for Mac or PC and Celtic artwork/illustration both ancient and modern.

Celtic Numismatics

Coriosolite Expert System
Articles on mythology and iconography of Armorican coinage.
Kernunnos home page
Articles on coin art and iconography with a beautiful collection of coins from the Celtic world.

Celtic Re-enactment

Queen Medb Encampment
Southern California Iron Age re-enactment group providing colorful entertainment and an historical educational experience.

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