About Galicia

Galician Resources
Links to information about Galicia, arts & culture, tourism and lots more.
A web directory from Galicia-L.
soc.culture.galiza home page
A newsgroup for discussion of topics related to Galicia, Iberian Peninsula: history, current affairs, future political and economic development, culture and traditions, language, and relationships with other countries.
Coruna University
Galicia's first WWW server offers links to

Galician Culture

Galician Bagpipes
Information on the gaita, Galician bagpipes.

Travelling in Galicia

Lodging guide of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria
Restaurants, hotels, camping, etc.
A virtual guide to the Galician Land - villages, lodging, nature, festivals, shopping and more.


Galician Language Institute
Galician is a Romance Language, that belongs to the Iberianromance family of languages. It has common aspects with portuguese (morphology and some vocabulary). In Galicia, Galician and Castilian are both recognised as official languages.
In Galician (or Spanish?), a resource for language learning including a membership-based chat room.

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