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Irish Culture

An Saol Ceilteach
Irish Gaelic resources, an E-zine, and lots of links to things Celtic.
Doras: Directory of Irish Websites
Search engine and directory of Irish and Irish-related websites.
IRLNET database of Irish Network Resources
Ireland index with lots of information. (previously Ireland Online Index)
Ireland: Mega-Links Cultural Page
An index site with many varied links and lovely graphics, partiicularly good on Celtic Christianity.
Irish Abroad
An aid for those people interested in anything Irish, from sports results and events back home, to a wide variety of categories of Irish happenings abroad.
Irish Network Resources
Ireland On-line's pointers to Irish WWW sites.
Ireland Collection
Ireland: The Internet Collection, links to various sources which contain information on Ireland.
Irish Info Servers
Links to Information services relating to Ireland, academic institutions, Irish commercial enteprises and servers providing general tourist and leisure info.
Diane's Page about Ireland
Extensive link collection on many an Irish topic.

Irish Poetry Page
The work of many Irish poets is represented here, along with links to Irish literature sites.
Nua Dán (New Art)
A site by some Irish multimedia artists, exploring the medium and offering a taste of their work.
Irish Concertina Intensives
Noel Hill teaches intensives for all levels of players in Western Massachusetts. Site includes good music links.
Info on the show, bios, etc. plus one can order tickets, merchandise, tapes, etc.
List of traditional Irish set dancing and ceili dancing events throughout Ireland.

History and Folklore

Irish History, the story of the Irish Race
From the Tuatha de Danaan to 1938.
Irish Archaeology Home Page
Index of Irish archaeological WWW sites.
Irish Literature, mythology, folklore and drama
A link page information literary and practical on Ireland.
Old Ireland
History, historical photos, proverbs and more.
Paddy Net
The Island section offers information on Ireland and its history. The Green Pages offer links to other resources.
Social History of Ancient Ireland
This site abridges and expands upon P.W. Joyce's 1906 book "A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland" with essays, links and more.
Living History Ireland
Bringing history to life through music drama and art, based in the County Tipperary of The Republic of Ireland.

Travelling in Ireland

Bord Fáilte - Irish Tourist Board
Offering information on events, bookings, etc., plus excerpts from their magazine, Ireland of the Welcomes.
Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Holiday planning with scenic and historic information for the tourist.
Irish Tours
Irish Festivals, Cruises, Tours of Ireland, Concert Listings and more. (Graphic intensive)
DTour A Visitors Guide to Ireland for People with Disabilities
This w site gives access information about Ireland, including accessible inspected accommodations, transport and facilities.
Ireland Uncensored - All Things Irish
Irish history, jobs in Ireland, great pubs, tracing your ancestors, interactive Irish language lessons, study abroad programs, poetry, music and tourist information.
Hidden Ireland Tours
Purveyors of unique, personalized tours to Ireland.
Go Ireland.com
An online company supporting many kinds of tourism, including genealogy tours to Ireland.

Irish Gaelic

Interactive Irish Lessons
Lessons from Learning Irish by Mícheál ó Siadhail, along with audio clips. Also see Nancy Stenson's Workbook for beginners in Irish Gaelic to accompany ó Siadhail.
Gaeltacht Chorca Dhuibhne/West Kerry Gaeltacht
Irish Gaelic and English resources on the West Kerry Gaeltacht.
Curia - Thesaurus Linguarum Hiberniae
On-line searchable database archive of literary and historical materials in the various languages of early, medieval and modern Ireland.
Radio TelefísÉireann (RTE) to Everywhere
Irish Gaelic news as sound files on the web.
Focal an Lae
The Word of the Day in Irish by Dennis King. Provides back words from the Focal an Lae list and links to Gaelic resources.
The Story of MacDatho's Pig
Side-by-side Irish and English from an Emory class in Irish.
Voyage of Bran
This medieval Irish saga was translated into English from the Old Irish by Kuno Meyer in 1890. Available in English or Irish Gaelic with criticism.
Literature and Verse
Pointers to ancient Irish tales and sayings, literature and more.


Celtic Bookshop Online
New, Out-of-Print and rare book service in Limerick, Eire.

Other sites of Interest

A commemoration of the Great Famine (Ireland 1845)
Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Great Potato Famine with poetry stories and songs, recipes, and historical and scientific information.

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