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Articles Worth Reading

Following A Celtic Path by Erynn Rowan Laurie
A discussion of the elements required to make a path true to the Celtic spirit.
Letter to Editor by Alexei Kondratiev
This letter to Henge of Kentria discusses what the word Celt means as an ethnic label, as a cultural label and the existence of modern Celtic communities.
What We Don't Know About the Ancient Celts by Rowan Fairgrove
A discussion of ancient Celtic religion and our sources of knowledge. See also Rowan's Celtic Bibliography
The Solitary Practitioner's basic Guide to the Druids and Celtic Mysticism
Formerly known as "Frequently Asked Questions" on Druidism. This is the Seveth Edition: May 2001, composed by Brendan "Cathbad" Myers.

Paganism, Celtic Reconstructionists and Ancient Knowledge

Aisling Association of Celtic Tribes
A New Hampshire, dedicated to the promotion and development of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism.
Avalon Mystery School
The Avalon Mystery School, directed by Mara Freeman, offers programs in the Arts of Sacred Magic from Celtic, British and other Western traditions through correspondence courses and classes.
The Celticist Faith Page
Info on Celticism, it's beliefs, practices, and history, plus prayers in Gaelic and English.
Clannada na Gadelica
Gaelige Traditionalist Tribal Resource & Mail List Page. Lyrical and beautiful introduction to the owner's tribe. Netscape and a fast line a must! Straight to the library for Gaelic philosophy and such.
The home of of the IMBAS list and archive of Celtic reconstructionist information.
The Island
New Grange and St. Patrick stand side-by-side on this site which explores the Fifth Province of âireann, the region of the imagination which floats above, and whispers below, the heart of Ireland at Uisneach.
Lugodoc's Page
Excellent precis of the Irish and Welsh myth cycles, plus a shrine to Horned Gods.
The home page of the Nemeton list and Celtic Reconstructionism.
O'Dubhain's Cauldron
Searles O'Dubhain offers explanations of Celtic Gods, Hallows, divination and more. Trailstalker presents the Kitchen Witch Inn with lots of resources for families.
Pagan Ireland: Alternative Beliefs and Ways of Living
Bev & Del Richardson's site provides their newsletter and doings at Castle Pook.
Pagan Information Network Eire
A contact network between active Pagan, Wiccan and Magical groups and individuals in both the Republic and the North of Ireland.
The Sanctum of Cathbad
Cathbad has links to Celtic resources and offers his own "best of" collections from Nemeton-L and IMBAS.
Y Barddau Keltoi
The Bards' Guild of Clan Keltoi presents information on the Celts along with poetry and lore.
Celtic Whispers
Celtic Whispers, Merlin's Voice and Morgana's Mirror aim to introduce people to the Celtic path and the realms of the Faery beyond the mirror through poetry, art and articles by Celtic student.


Ar n'Draiocht Fein
Basic info on Ar n'Draiocht Fein, a branch of Neo-Pagan Druidism.
Druidism FAQ
Compiled by Cathbad of the Nemeton-L list.
The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids
Basic information on the Order.
Henge of Keltria
The Henge provides information on Keltrian Druidism, a Neo-Pagan Celtic Earth-based religion.
Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA)
A relaxed group of Druids, studying Nature, collecting stories, and keeping it simple and honest.

Deity Resources & Shrine Pages

Rath of Brighid
Ritual, prayer and poetry in dedication to Holy Brighid and to the Gods of the Celts.
Entrance to the shrine of Brigit Celtic Gaelic Irish Mother Goddess Brighid Birde Brighit
Lugh Shrine
Information and prayers in dedication to Lťgh (Lleu, Lugus, and the Lugoves).
Entrance to the shrine of Morrigan, Morrigu, Morgane, Morrighan Celtic War and Mother Goddess
This is an information-site on the Celtic (gallo-roman) Horsegoddess Epona. It is also the gateway to her shrine
Shrine to the Horned Gods
A virtual shrine dedicated to all true Horned Gods, ancient, modern and even false.
Sheela na Gig Shrine
A celebration not only of the Sheela na Gig.
Temple of Manannan Mac Lir
A Temple for the Manx/Celtic God Manannan Mac Lir and Spirit Communication.

Celtic Christianity

Celtic Christianity
Links to many Celtic Christian resources.
Celtic Christianity
Info and bibliographies an the e-text of the Lorrha Missal, a translation from the Latin and Gaelic Missal transcribed at Lorrha Monastery in the Ninth Century.
The Church of the Culdees
A Catholic Church inspired by the early Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints and practices.
Saint Dubricius
Celtic Studies & Celtic Christianity - articles and information on things Celtic and Celtic Saints and Church.
House of Breathings
Celtic Christian mysticism and spirituality.
Culdee Netcampus
A Celtic Ministry of Practical Christian Missions Refounded in 1995 from an 8th Century Origin.
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