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Welcome to the Rath of Brighid

This site will offer ritual, prayer and poetry in dedication to Holy Brighid and to the Gods of the Celts.

Located in the Rath





Looking for Brigid on the WWW

Sites with explanatory articles about Brigid

Brighid, Bright Goddess of the Gael, by Branfionn NicGrioghair
Brigit of the Celts by Mornging Glory Zell
Brigid: Flame of Two Eternities by Liafal
Brigit Behind the Veil by John Adelmann
Making Brigid's Crosses
Brigid: Survival of a Goddess
Mara Freeman - February: Imbolc the Festival of Brighid

Sites with Tributes to Brigid

Brigid Altar - Abby Willowroot (graphics intensive)
Brighid Poetry
Brighid: Goddess and Saint
Artist Patrcia Banker's Brighid site, Christian focus but also Goddess info.

Organizations for Brigid's Priest/esses

Daughters of the Flame (women only)
Ord Brighideach (women and men)
Nigheanan Brìghde, Order of Brighidine Priestesses and Flametenders

Ord Brighideach Cell & Member Pages

Cill Abhaill (Apple)
Cill Leanham (Elm)
Cill Creathach (Aspen)

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