Reprinted Writings of Rowan Fairgrove


Pagans and the Coming Water Crisis
A workshop from PantheaCon 2005.
Psyanky: Icon of the Spring
Instructions on doing wax-resist egg dying in the Ukrainian manner.
What We Don't Know About the Ancient Celts
A discussion of ancient Celtic religion and our sources of knowledge.
Notes on Large Rituals
Russell Williams and Rowan Fairgrove share suggestions for planning large rituals.
A Handbook of Botanical Incense
The text of a 1977 workshop handout.


Earth Day ritual
A celebration of our connection to the Earth.
Houseblessing ritual suggestions.
Rite of Dedication to Holy Brighid
A ritual to dedicate oneself as a Priest or Priestess of Brighid.
Rite of the Well of Wisdom
A ritual to turn the cauldrons of wisdom.
Feast of Wisdom and age
A Samhain ritual to bring a group into accord with Manannon's Feast of Wisdom and Age.
Rite of Peace for All A ritual using the Declaration Toward a Global Ethic to bring peace on earth.

Stories & Poems

Dance of Creation
A story about how the universe began.
A poem written as a preface to my pamphlet, A Handbook of Botanical Incense.
Down Among the Night Things
A poem written by my Toreador vampire persona during a game of Vampire the Masquerade.
Brigid of the Morning
Holy Brigid speaks.
Blodeuwedd's Song
Who is it that turns the seasons?
Beltaine at Live Oak 98
Memories of the NROOGD Beltaine celebration.

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