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Isle of Man

Manx Culture and Links

Isle of Man
Information about the Isle - tourism, business, sport, events, history, language and more.
Isle of Man (Mannet)
Heritage, proverbs, links and more.
Manx Megalinks
An encyclopaedic collection of sites Manx.
Manx customs, folk lore, language and history The complete text, as originally published in both Manx Gaelic and English, of Dr John Clague's Manx Reminiscences published in 1911.
Manx Folk Music Archive
Collection of over 450 Manx traditional tunes gathered together by Colin Jerry in his book Kiaull Vannin. Also links to Manx folk groups and more.

Manx Gaelic

Manx Gaelic
Manx Gaelic: Chengey-ny-Mayrey Vannin, resources for Manx Gaelic & Manx studies.
Manx Language, Politics and Culture
Manx lessons, dictionary and more.

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