Pointers to Educational Resources and Organizations:

General Pointers

Web 66
A project of the University of Minnesota to facilitate the introduction of this technology into K12 schools.
Ed Web
With CPB's EdWeb, you can explore on-line educational resources around the world, learn about trends in education reform and the "information highway," examine success stories of computers in the classroom, and much more.
Galaxy's page
Pointers to educational resources, K-12.
Virtual Library on Education
Pointers to resources, institutes, etc.
Yahoo Ed
Pointers to K-12 resources.
Virtual Schoolhouse
A Meta-Library of K-12 Internet Links.
Online Education
Resources for excellerated learning programs.
Smart Valley Schools
A program in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, CA, for getting internet into classrooms. Outside our area, you might look at - The Smart Valley Technical Guidelines For Schools, a collection of recommended minimum specifications created by industry experts for designing a local and wide area network that will accommodate distributed multimedia, Internet access, cable TV and satellite feeds, and security requirements.
Waldorf Education FAQ and info on mailing list.
The School Page - A Division of PDRS Computer Systems

Curriculum Planning

Access Excellence
Genentech's site for biology and science teachers offers curriculum help and lots of resources.
Distributor of original Language Arts curriculum material for K-12, searchable database.
Courseware for Higher Education on the World-Wide Web.
Lesson Plan
US Government-related plans on the C-SPAN gopher.
Ligature Gateway Academy
Resources for teachers and students in a variety of curriculum areas. Unit on the Atlanta Olympic games offered.
Peterson's Education Center
The venerable educational info provider comes to the web with educational resources and opportunities at every level.
Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science
Resources for teachers to promote excellence in teaching and learning mathematics and science so that every child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies to function in and contribute meaningfully to a global society.
UC Riverside Infomine
Internet resource collection - esp. instructional materials by discipline.

Kid-to-Kid and Classrooms on the Web

Hotlist of K-12 internet school sites in the United States.


World Lecture Hall
This page contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.
Access Excellence
A resource for high school biology teachers that puts them in contact with each other, scientists and information on discoveries in the field.

Fun/Educational Sites, by subject:


Internet Public Library
Youth division offers story hours and other youth oriented services.
Museum Subway
Pointers to science museums on the web.
Therion's armor and weapons page has images equipment from many lands
Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Home Page has pointers to the various individual museums such as Natural History, Air & Space, etc.
Whitehouse Tour
The Whitehouse - a Living Museum. Pictures of rooms with their history.


Economics in the News
Economic analysis of current events for the classroom. Brought to you by W.W. Norton, Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal.


ISN KidNews is a news service for students and teachers around the world.

General Science

Nova Online
WGBH's premier science program offers stories and teacher's guides on the web.


Smithsonian Human Origins Program
The latest thoughts on human evolution and paleo-anthropology.


Internet Gardner
Links to many gardening sites and botanical garden home pages.
Virtual Frog
This site allows interactive dissection of a frog.
Frog Page Frog sounds and pictures and information links.
Save What's Left
Educate the world about its environmental problems through community projects, especially involving K-12.
What I did for the Planet Today
Kids Share Their Environmental Efforts - fill out the form and join the fun!
Terra Quest
This site bills itself as having "travel content" but it is wonderful virtual expeditions to places like Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands!
Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
The Ultimate Dinosaur Website  - 245 Million Years of News.


Volcano World
Lots of modern and near real time volcano information using remote sensing and geology to add value. Incredible pictures!
Rockhounds Information Page - pointers to gem & mineral sites.


Map Viewer
Xerox Parc's map database - find the map from your area, or someone elses!
World Flag Database
Basic country information and a .gif of the national flag.


History of Computing Devices in Mathematics
Links to cool sites about the history of calculators and computers.


Early Physics
Pictures of the collection of the early instruments of the Dept of Physics of the University of Naples from 1645 to 1900.

Social Science

Excerpts from The Kid's Guide to Activism
Excellent advice on how to follow through once you have chosen a project to work on.


Nine Planets
Multimedia tour of the Solar System.
The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
A detailed, annotated transcript of the radio communication recorded during the lunar surface operations conducted by the six pairs of astronauts who landed on the Moon in 1969 through 1972. (higher grade level-adult)
Nine Planets
Multimedia tour of the Solar System.
Science Fiction \ Space Technology : Tools for Learning
Suggestions for using science fiction to teach science.
Space Calendar
Space Calendar covers space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year.
Space shuttle Endeavor page.
U.S. Naval Observatory
The observatory provides Sky Facts and information for the public on astromonmical events.
Yerkes Observatory
Tour the observatory and hear about current projects.
Space Studies Virtual Campus
University of North Dakota's 32 credit multidisciplinary program to study of the implications of humankind's entry into space. Check out their Moon pages and their great links.
Basic Celestial Phenomena
Explanations and learning activities in an accessible format to students, teachers, families, and visitors to planetariums. All together they represent an introductory course in observational astronomy.


Sports Information Server
run by a student at MIT. Find out the latest in professional basketball and football information. Football--or "soccer" to Americans--is the most popular sport on the planet. Here's the World Cup USA '94 page.
Interesting Places for Kids
Pointers to lots of varied places of interest.
Splash Kids Online Magazine
Online chat along with articles, interviews, games, puzzles, contests, and activities from Splash Studios (CD-ROM Developer)

Information about the US Government

Louisiana State's compendium of Federal agencies on the net.
White House
Information on the First Family and the Executive Branch of goverment.
House of Representatives
Information on this legislative body and its members. Especially check out educational info about the Government including the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
Senate gopher
Information from the US Senate.
THOMAS legislative information. Searchable database of bills and information on passing laws.
Gov't Info from LC
The Library of Congress pointers to government info via the Global Electronic Library project.
Speak Out
Send a message to the Whitehouse! (Forms capable browser required.)
The C-SPAN Network's Congressional Directory
An excellent directory to house and senate members and committees.

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