General Cookbooks

Recipe Archive
A searchable recipe archive from
Arielle's Recipe Archive
A collection of recipes from the newsgroup, plus the occasional recipe from other rec.* and alt.* food and cooking related newsgroups, such as and
Recipe Source
Over 60,000 searchable recipes! (formerly SOAR - Searchable Online Archive of Recipes)
The On-line Cookbook
A growing site of contributed recipes.
Cooking products, advice and recipes for all occasions.
Whole Foods Recipes
Recipe collection from Whole Foods Market - includes nutritional data.
Arion MasterCook page
Home of MasterCook software. Recipe archive and other food related pointers.
Living Light recipe archive
Recipes for a healthy lifestyle.
A worldwide community cookbook portal project.
Gourmet World
A large collection of recipes browsable by course and by region.
A recipe portal from Condé Nast featuring more than 14,000 recipes from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and House & Garden, and Parade, as well as thousands of users' recipes..

Edibilia by Peter Morewood
A fabulous collection of links and the author's own collections of European cuisine.
Will's Cookbook
A collection of recipes with droll comments by Will.
Electronic Gourmet Guide
An online food magazine with lots of pointers.
Fat-free Vegetarian archive Over 2,000 fat-free and low fat recipes in a searchable and also indexed database.
Gilly's Food & Restaurant page
A variety of resource pointers, plus restaurants mostly Boston area.
English Server: Recipes
Selections of recipes and recipe pointers.
The Dinner Coop at CMU
750 of our own dinner co-op's favourite recipes, plus more than 3000 links to restaurants, shops, (other peoples') recipes and food information pages.
Graham Kerr
The former Galloping Gourmet offers tips and recipes for healthy living.
Joy of Baking by Stephanie Jaworski
Recipes and tips on ingredients for the baker.

Ethnic/Regional Cookbooks

European Cuisines
Peter Morewood's own recipes and links to other European recipes.
Mama's Cookbook
Ragu's cooking page. See their home page for coupon offers, etc.
New England Recipes
The Plymouth page features a new recipe every week.

Single Foods

The home page of Godiva Chocolatiers.
Vegetarian living, with recipes and more.

Things to drink

Eric's Beer and Homebrewing Page. Microbrewery reviews and homebrewing recipes.
The Mead Maker's Page. Discussion of ingredients and recipes for Mead and mead drinks.
Malt Whiskey
Whiskey Tour of Scotland, maps, ratings and info on distilleries.


The Tea Council (UK)
Offering info on tea to both consumers and caterers. Sections include history, current consumption/production, health news, a special area for schoolchildren and much more.
Republic of Tea
In addition to offering their wares, there is information on teas to be found here.
A World of Tea
Stash Tea brings you recipes, quotations and the history of tea. Also a listing of Bed & Breakfast inns in the US.
Information about tea and opportunities for gentle relaxation.
That magical blend of tea and spices!
Chinese Tea Ceremony
The Chinese art of tea appreciation.
World Spice
Leaf and brick teas plus a wide variety of fresh herbs and spices.
Mark T. Wendell Tea Company
Gourmet teas and accessories, imported from around the world.


Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page
Articles and information for the wine enthusiast - novice or expert!
Wines on the Internet
California wineries, info on wine tasting and articles of interest.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Purveyers of fine coffee which is organic, fair trade and shade grown based in Vermont.
Peet's Coffee & Tea
A San Francisco Bay Area coffee roaster and merchant dedicated to providing freshly roasted whole bean specialty coffee. They also sell tea but it isn't their main passion.

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