Sites of Interest to Macintosh Users:


Multipointer sites - The Macintosh Search Engine
Search for hardware, software, updates, shareware, troubleshooting, programming and anythinig else Macintosh.
Ric Ford's MacInTouch page
News and resources for productive Mac computing.
Jim Heid's page for Macs and Media production.
Macintosh Watering Hole
Pointers for Internet software tools for Macintosh users.
Site Link
A web guide for Macintosh users.
Mac Directory
Mac news and reviews, classifieds and other resources.

Apple Computer sites

Apple Computer
Apple Computer WWW Server. Info, customer support, press releases, etc.
Apple Support
Apple Computer Support and Information Web, home to the latest Apple technical information, software updates and a variety of information resources about Apple related products and services.
Powerbook Home Page
Information center for everything related to PowerBooks.
Mac OS Software & Hardware Guide
A guide to ver 12,000 third-party products for Macintosh.

Program Archives or Third party sites

MIT HyperArchive
Searchable, well-arranged Mac archive.
A searchable collection of software for the Macintosh courtesy of Ziff-Davis.
Searchable shareware archive (many platforms).
The Macintosh Software Catalog
Searchable index of multiple archives.
Version Tracker
New software releases, patches, updates and information; listings for MacOS and MacOSX, Windows, Palm.

Site for MacGzip and its source code - a zip/unzip utility for the Mac.
HTML Jump Gate
Web authoring resources - esp. for the Macintosh!


Mac Program Review sites

Lists from the Macintosh Guy
Email lists specific to Mac products and technology.
Macintosh E-Mail Resource Page
Reviews of email programs and utilities.

MacOS Rumor sites

Mac OS Rumors
News, opinion and rumors for the Mac power user.
Mac News Network
Insider news and rumors.
O'Grady's PowerPage
News, rumors, articles and a link to O'Grady's MacWeek column.

Font Vendors

Directory to Type Foundries
Publish magazine offers links to foundries on the web.
Fontaholics Anonymous
Links to over 1,000 fonts and font archives plus news of new fonts and utilities and other useful info.

Catalogs and info on Adobe typefaces and products.
Agfa type and other products.
Info on Bitstream fonts and TrueDoc portable documents. Better views at their online store.
Info on ClickArt fonts and clip art. Two free fonts and art weekly.
Eye Wire
See sample fonts and Top 10 lists from their catalog. Adobe, ITC and Image Club fonts.
Follow the trail to the free font of the month from the Fontek line.
Fonts Online
They represent Alphabet, Agfa, Red Rooster & Int'l Typefounders.
International Typeface Corporation
They plan online catalogs of their over 800 fonts.
Some of the most unusual and creative fonts around.
Unusual fonts, fantasy, cartagraphic, historical and more.
Yamada Archive of Non-English fonts
A collection of fonts in various scripts, plus suggestions for writing in various languages.
Type Oasis
Archive of fonts from various typographers and houses arranged by theme, house, etc.

Software/Hardware Vendors/Info

Yahoo Computer Retailers
MacUser Software Central
Searchable and browsable shareware archive.

APS Technologies
Storage and drive provider.
BottomLine Distribution
Hardware and software. Secure web ordering.
Club Mac
Catalog reseller, lots of products.
SF Bay Area retailer. No online catalog.
Cyberian Outpost
Hardware and software. Reviews & demos.
Catalog reseller, lots of products.
CDW (formerly MacWarehouse)
Catalog reseller, lots of products.
Mac Hardware.
Catalog reseller, lots of products.
Power Max
Discount reseller, lots of products.

Magazines of Interest to Macintosh Users

PowerPC News
Magazine for users and developers about the IBM/Motorola/Apple microprocessor family and the systems built upon it.
Ziff Magazines
Selected stories and info from MacWorld, MacWeek.
Evangelist Archive
Searchable/browsable archives of the Evangelist and other Mac-centric zines.
TidBITS computer industry news magazine - Macintosh emphasis
Mac Addict
A monthly magazine for the Macintosh computer enthusiast. Articles, forums, EvangeList and more.
Mac Central
Macintosh news and opinion.
About This Particular Macintosh
An e-zine about the personal computing experience.
Programming articles, news and how-to's.

Macintosh News Sites

The Daily Mac
Daily news, Apple stock quotes and updates on Apple Macintosh info.
MRP - The Mac Resource Page
Daily news tips and comments about the Macintosh.
Mac Geeks
News and reviews for Mac OS professionals, enthusiasts, and hobbyists.
Accelerate Your Mac
Performance News, Tips & Reviews.

Macintosh and other platforms

Macintosh & Windows integration solutions.
Windows-MacOS Cooperation List
A mailing list dedicated to Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh integration issues.
Mac Unix
A reference site for SysAdmins and NetAdmins who support MacOS & UNIX day-to-day. Covering the UNIX capabilities of MacOS X Server, *nix on Mac hardware, and linux-Macintosh integration.
Look for cross-platform discussion groups.

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