Political Parties:

Democratic Party
Official Democratic National Committee Electronic Headquarters
Democrats Online
Progressive, reform-minded Democrats plan an online site to promote net.awareness and progressive values.
Democratic National Convention 2000
Coverage of the convention.

Republican Main Street
Republican National Committee page.
GOP Convention 2000
Coverage of the convention.
An online news source "bringing the conservative message to America.

Green Parties
Green Party platforms and links.
Green Party of California
Local issues and county links.

Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party Official home page.

Natural Law Party
Natural Law Party home Page

Socialist Party Cybercenter
The Socialist Party home page.

Minor Party Links
An amazing arry from parties from A to Zed.


Gore 2000
News of the Vice President's campaign.
George W. Bush for President
News of Texas Governor Bush's campaign.
Ralph Nader for President
News of citizen advocate Ralph Nader's campaign.
John Hagelin/Nat Goldhaber
News of the Natural Law party campaign.

Non-partisan Pages:

Federal Election Commission
Info on the election process and a listing of all candidates registered with the FEC.
A nonpartisan, private forum for discussion for the public, as well as for political candidates and advocacy groups.
League of Women Voters
Encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy.
Project VoteSmart
Congressional voting records and other factual info.
Gen X Presidential Forum
A page for addressing the concerns of those born after 1963.
Web, White & Blue
Provides single click access to some of the best online election directories and voter information sites.
Women Voter's Guide
Our non-partisan, personalized voting guide allows you to compare your positions on issues important to you with your current U.S. Senators and Representatives.

Other Political Sites:

Third Party Central
Information on third party candidates and pointers to polling sites to make one's third party voice heard.
We the People
A membership organization dedicated to political reform and social justice. They sponsor the School of Sustainability.
People For the American Way Election Pages
Representing the concerns of the progressive community in this year's elections.
Turn Left: The Home of Liberalism on the Web
This site offers links to various archives and party sites.
Non-partisan public policy resources, showcasing leading research, opinions and events shaping public policy on dozens of issues including education, technology and healthcare.
Center For Democracy and Technology
A public interest working for public policies that advance civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies. They follow net legislation, including full transcripts of testimony, etc.
E-The People
A nonpartisan Web service offering petitions and e-mail links to over 170,000 officials in the local, state, and federal government.
Web, White & Blue
Provides single click access to some of the best online election directories and voter information sites.
Friends Committee on National Legislation
A Quaker lobby concerned with disarmament and peace and social justice issues.

Newspaper & Media Sites:

NY Times Campaign Coverage
News and commendary on races across the nation.
Washington Post politics section
Current news on the races.
San Jose Mercury News politics section
Current news on the races.

California-specific Pages:

California Secretary of State
Elections, ballot initiatives, official voter guides and more.
California Voter Foundation
Non-partisan voter information - election info, campaign spending, and more.
Smart Voter
Non-partisan information on Silicon Valley's elections.

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