Where to keep an eye on Non-Progressive organizations and individuals:

Multipointer sites

CultureWatch Online
CultureWatch offers news briefs on the world of the right-wing--revealing the breadth of the right-wing agenda and its overall assault on civil rights. Some of the issues covered include: school choice, reproductive rights, freedom of expression, and gay and lesbian rights. A monthly annotated bibliography monitors the religious right's political agenda and strategy.
A Guide to Hate Groups on the Internet.
Rod's Fight the religious right links
Pointers to RR pages plus pointers to watchdogs and gov't information.
The Radical Religious Right pages. Anti-abortion, holocaust revisionist, conspiracies, militias and more!
The Right Side of the Web
Jeff Donals' humorous - but accurate - site that plugs one in to Right wing wackos of all kinds.
Sposato's list of Radical Religious Right pages
Amazing collection of Anti-choice, Rush Limbaugh, RRR Resources, etc.
Matthew Shepard Online Resources
The Religious Right and Anti-Gay Speech: In their Own Words is a chilling look at the things some religious and political leaders have said.

Non-Progressive Groups


Christian Coalition
Christian Coalition is a "pro-family" organization teaches right-wing Christians how to promote Christian values in government.
Eagle Forum
Phyllis Schlafly's info pages.
The Family Research Council
A branch of Focus on the Family that exists "to reaffirm and promote nationally, and particularly in Washington, DC, the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system upon which it is built."
The Nuremburg Files
Graphic anti-abortion site with names, addresses and wanted posters naming family planning providers.
Unofficial Focus on the Family page
Dr. James C. Dobson's ministry. A big player in "family values".
Pro-Life Web Resources
Issues of ProLife News and pointers to resources for anti-abortion groups.
Media House International
"Christian" newspapers from the far right - anti-abortion, Neo-Puritan and more.
Westboro Baptist Church
Home of Fred Phelps, anti-gay activist. For more on the Phelp's Clan see Addicted to Hate
The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party
This site is not about religion, nor about Christianity, nor about Republicans. This site is about how a small group of Republican strategists targeted a religious constituency to expand the base of their party, and how a small group of religious extremists targeted the Republican Party to bring the United States government under religious control.


The John Birch Society
Information on the John Birch Society and issues of The New American Magazine.
National Alliance
Right-Wing White Nationalist essays, info and radio program listings.
The Progress and Freedom Foundation
Republican right group - America first, manifest destiny and progress is all.
Public Information Research
Essays on various topics - Branch Davidians, conspiracy theories and more.
The National Rifle Association
Sponsored by the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, it gives info on firearms law and the NRA.
The Nationalist Movement Headquarters' Home Page
Anti-immigrant, pro-Christian, America-firsters.
Stormfront Magazine
White Nationalist resources.

Non-Progressive Individuals

A web service designed to be your resource on Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.
Rush Limbaugh
Limbaugh Information on the Web including programming info, articles, sound bites, etc.
Riggs Watch
This page tracks the far-right activities of Rep. Frank Riggs (First District California).

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