Note: The items on this page are meant for adults. They celebrate sexuality, a beautiful, sacred and important part of life. If you think you will be offended, please don't look.

Sexuality and other Adult Themes:

Pointers and Research

Yahoo pointers to sites about sex on the WWW.
Sex in America
Data from the 1997 Sex in America survey.
Sex Laws
A compilation of government and religious laws regarding sexuality.
Society for Human Sexuality
A social and educational organization devoted to the understanding and enjoyment of all safe and consensual forms of sexual and sensual expression. They offer articles and events.
World Sexual Records
Ready reference on sexual topics - anatomy, history, law, techniques - and more.

Bay Area Merchants

Good Vibrations and the Sexuality Library
Wonderful Bay Area feminist sexuality toy and bookstore offers books, videos, toys, antique vibrator museum and more.
Stormy Leather
A fine San Francisco leatherstore with fetish wear for all sizes and interests.
Bay Area shop and cyboutique specializing in corsets from all centuries, but also stocking a wide variety of adult items.
Learn about condoms and safe sex in a non-threatening atmosphere - and buy them.

Sex Positive Activists and their Literature

Annie Sprinkle's Home Page
Annie brings her views on sex and spirituality to the web. Resources include - Yoni Massage Ritual, How to have an Energy Orgasm and more!
Aphrodite's Temple
Dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses of love and sexuality and honoring sex for the healing, pleasure-giving and creative powers it embodies.
Brandy Alexandre
Sex star's home page. Discussions on being a sex industry worker.
Dr. Susan Block
Philosopher-sex therapist, author & video host, Dr. Susan Block, educates and entertains.
Lady Callista's Dominion
Polyamory, BDSM and Pagan spirituality.
Our Web of Eros
Terrence McKenna's answer to the CDA. Very surreal.
The Ladies' Tea & Rhetoric Society
A Manhattan-based group of Ladies who are dedicated to the fine arts of Victorian Tea and discipline.


Circlet Press
Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy by Circlet Press, plus S/M etc small press books.
Elf Sternberg's home page
Elf's opus Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik - science fiction, multi-gender erotica, plus other writings.
Tantra magazine and tantric links on the net. Includes Celebrations of Love calendar for the Bay Area.
Nerve Magazine
Literate smut - sexual literature, art and politics, and getting off.
Scarlet Letters
Scarlet Letters showcases erotic art, prose, poetry plus accurate sexuality editorial and educational content.

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