Cretan Women
/girls.htm">Women on the Web
Susan at Eskimo's list of both resources and the web pages of individual women.
World Wide Women
European Women's resources and pointers.
Women's space on the web with resources for finding other women and general interest info.
The WomanSource Catalog & Review
Info on the book of the same name and links to womencentric web pages.
Canadian Women's Internet Association
A wonderful collection of links and sources of information for women in Canada and the world.
A web community for women's interests - parenting, careers, news, book clubs, reference info. Check out the bulletin boards to talk with likeminded folks.

General Interest

National Organization for Women Home Page.
Women's Legal and Public Policy Information
Guides, publications, organizations electronic discussion groups, and materials for women available over the Internet.
Pathfinder on Domestic Violence in the US
The Center on Crime, Communities and Culture has produced this research guide which includes concise definitions, research findings and recommendations on domestic violence.
Australian feminist webzine for the young and hip.
Coffy Time Blues
Feminist Literary Zine: a Journal by, for, and about Women Political Commentary, Erotica, Fiction, Poetry, Literary Discourse, Women's Spirituality, and more!
Women of Achievement
Recent issuse of Irene Stuber's daily journal on historic women. Back issues by ftp.
Catt's Claws
Recent issues of Irene Stuber's feminist newsletter. Backs issues by ftp.
Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848 - 1998
Programs and events celebrating 150 anniversary of Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Sponsored by the National Women's History Project.
Michigan Women's Music Festival
Events and updates on the Festival.
Women's Connection Online
This site offers current news on women's issues, bulletin boards and lively discussions, a news archive containing the last 30 days of news relating to women, plus an extensive library covering politics, business, finance, gender equity, health and many other topics, and a regionalized events calendar.
Women's Global Web
Information on the Beijeng conference, esp. NGOs.
Violence Against Women
Canadian Women's Internet Association offers this memorial page for the 14 women who were murdered 12/6/89 for being in an engineering college. The site features articles about, and resources for, combatting violence against women.
Insider Views on Workplace Issues
Provides firsthand insights about issues affecting women who work in traditionally male-dominated business settings. Join those who have been in the trenches and become more informed about the experiences of working women.
Women in Black
The Women in Black stand in silent vigil to protest war, rape as a tool of war, ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses all over the world.

California Interest

Bay Area Model Mugging
BAMM/IMPACT Self Defense offers a range of classes utilizing full-power, full contact self defense techniques.

News & Events

Women's Web
The SF Examiner's page for Women's issues in the news and pointers to pages of interest.
Catt's Claws
An online Feminist newsletter by Irene Stuber.
A newsletter for the self-defined woman, concentrating on politics and the "gender gap" in voting.
Just Sports for Women
Read up on the latest women's sports news or talk about it in a chatroom.
Women of Achievement
An online Feminist newsletter by Irene Stuber.

Political Action:

Feminist Activist Resources on the Net.
Web for Women, by WWWomen
Abortion, contraception, freedom of speech and other issues by and for women.
Women Leaders Online
WLO is an organization dedicated to stopping the Radical Right agenda.
Women's Web World - The Feminist Majority Online
Action items and lots of resources for the political feminist.

International Women's Rights:

The Global Fund for Women
An international organization which focuses on female human rights, including issues as diverse as literacy, domestic violence, economic autonomy, and the international trafficking of women, among others.
Tahirih Justice Center
Dedicated to serving the needs of women facing international human rights abuses through the provision of legal aid and social services.
United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women
Promoting women as equal participants and beneficiaries of sustainable development, peace and security, governance and human rights. It strives to stimulate the mainstreaming of a gender perspective both within and outside the United Nations system.
Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)
Working to increase women's visibility, roles and leadership in public policy-making through peace, gender, human rights, environmental and economic justice campaigns; through advocacy nationally, regionally, at the United Nations and in international financial institutions; and through local actions.
Ipas works globally to improve women's lives through a focus on reproductive health.

Women's Studies Resources

Yahoo Women's Studies
Stanford's pointers to Women's Studies resources.
Women's study gophers
A list of WWW pages and gophers from UMBC Women's Studies program.
The Women's Studies Librarian
Bibliograhies, Core lists and publications from the University of Wisconsin plus links to Women's Studies resources around the net.
inforM's Women's Studies Database.
Materials for the Study of Women & Gender in the Ancient World - essays, reviews, new translations, bibliographies, etc.
Gale Research Celebrates Women's History Month
Biographies, timeline and lots more!
Celebration of Women Writers
Links to over 200 texts by women, plus supporting info, mostly biographical and bibliographical material about women writers.
Victorian Women Writers Project
E-texts/transcriptions of literary works by British women writers of the late 19th century digitized at Indiana University.
Women of Power
Dedicated to the great African women of power throughout history - Queens, Goddesses and Warrior Queens.
The Emancipation of Women: 1860-1920
An educational resource from Spartacus Publishers that offers biographies of British Suffragettes and images from the struggle.
World Wide Woman Suffrage
An essay on Woman's Suffrage movements in the US and Europe.
Women's Studies Program at The George Washington University
Details on earning degrees from the program, plus descriptions of and links to many gender and social policy organzations.


Covenant of the Goddess
A Wiccan organization of covens and solitaries. Lots of points to spirituality resources.
Moon Hutch
Exploring women's spirituality and menstruation.
Sister Spirit
Portland OR, Women's Spirituality group. They put out the magazine Sister Spirit
We'Moon Web
Women's calendar and spiritual products and pointers.

Jewish Feminist Resources
The experience of women in Judiaism and feminist thought and links.

Women and Health

National Women's Health Information Center
A one-stop gateway for women seeking health information, whether you're a consumer, a health care professional, a researcher, an educator, or a student.
Iris Cantor-UCLA Women's Health and Education Resource Center
Offers information on UCLA programs and links to a wide variety of women's health topics.
Abortion Clinic's Online
A directory service comprised of providers of abortion services and other reproductive health care plus information on contraception and other issues.
Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade
facts about breast cancer in the US, breast cancer FAQ, phone numbers of support groups nationwide, a glossary of terms, and background on Avon's Crusade.
Cancer News on the Net
Articles on various cancers, links by cancer type, and to support groups and patient web sites.
La Leche League
Providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed.
Melpomene Institute
A nonprofit research organization dedicated to women's health and physical activity.
Midwifery, Pregnancy and Birth Related Information.
The Purple Midwifery Page
Midwifery, Home Birth, and Politics in Ohio and elsewhere.
SPOT: The Tampon Health Website
Info on tampons, toxic shock, dioxin hazards and more.
Future Restroom Ideas: A Collection of Essays
Among other essays, this site offers advice on how women can urinate standing up.
American Medical Women's Association
A national organization of women physicians and medical students. This site offers info on a variety of health topics.

Women & the Sciences

Society of Women Engineers
A non-profit educational and service organization supporting the issues of women engineers and encouraging young women to enter technical fields.
Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
AWSEM brings together parents, educators and women professionals in science-related fields to kindle and support young womenıs interest in science, engineering, mathematics and technology (SEMT).
Ellen Spertus' page
Extensive bibliography of papers, etc. for/about women in Computer Science.
Women in Information Technology
An annotated list of sources about and for women in the fields of library & information science, computer science, and information technology. .
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPSR Gender Page, an electronic archive on women and computing.
4000 Years of Women in Science
Part of the Women's History Project focussing on women in science. Includes links to other women & science sites.
Biographies of Great Female Mathematicians
With essays and photos, this site hightlights achievements of women in the field of mathematics.
Women-Related Science and Technology Email Lists
A big listing of science/tech email lists for women. Covers biology, chemistry, math, computers, more.

Women-friendly Shopping

Woman Made Catalog Showroom
Shopping for right-on woman created products.
Feminist Bookstores in the US and Canada
A wonderful listing of Feminist bookstores by area on and off the web. Also offers links to European and World resources and to book reviews.
Catalog of recordings by woman and promotion of women artists.

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