Information for publishing on the Web


General Information

General Pointers/Multilink pages

Bobby is a free web-based service that will help you make web pages accessible to people with disabilities and also checks for browser or standard compatibility.
Developers Network
News & reviews on web development, ecommerce and web serving.
Kira's Web Links
Pointers to web topics for webmasters and system administrators.
A searchable archive of web development information for all levels of web weavers.
Web Developer Magazine
This site has a collection of FAQs for the beginning and advanced web developer.
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Over 500 pages and thousands of links to web authoring & software Internet resources - HTML, CGI, Java, VRML, browsers, plugins, graphics, HTTP servers, JavaScript, Perl, ActiveX, Shockwave,..
Articles and resources for those just getting started through to advanced tutorials and product reviews.
Web Monkey
Geek hangout from Hot Wired - all the lastest for web site creation.
Wired Cybrarian
Technology: Web Tool - links to basic and advanced sites.

Information Week's Intranet 100
The 25 most innovative sites, plus the 25 top hardware and 25 top software vendors, plus 15 tips and 10 opportunities.

Laura's Web Zone
Laura Lemay, author of web how-to books provides html examples and cgi scripts along with info on her books.
Lunde's page
Information about WWW and Internet Standards, extensive links.

Yahoo:Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Announcement Services
List of places to announce your URL so that folks can find that great page you're creating.

Macintosh-specific Information

HTML Jump Gate
Web authoring resources - esp. for the Macintosh!
The Macintosh WWW REsources Directory
Lists and evaluates editors, links to tools and more.
Webmaster Macintosh
Resources for the Macintosh web developer. Lots of links!
MacHTTP software updates, tools, examples, and all sorts of information related to running a WWW server on a Mac here.
Mac OS Runtime for Java
The latest from Apple on Java running on the Macintosh.

GIF Builder
Mac program for animating GIFs from a variety of formats including Quicktime.

Journals About the Web and its Resources

Webreference Magazine Index
Links to web magazines.
Yahoo:Business and Economy:Products and Services:Magazines:Computers:Internet:World Wide Web
Yahoo's listing of links to web magazines.

Ariadne: The Web Version
UK magazine on Internet issues for librarians and information specialists.
Internet Resources Newsletter
A monthly newsletter created by the Heriot-Watt University Library in Scotland, pointing to resources of interest to the higher education community.
Internet news and resources - home of Internet World, Web Week and Web Developer and info on web/net related Mecklermedia events.
The International WWW Conference Series
Look at each individual Conference for proceedings and full-text poster session articles on the web.
Internet Trend Watch for Libraries
An e-mail newsletter highlighting innovative Internet applications in libraries, from LEO: Librarians and Educators Online.
Intranet Design Magazine
Published biweekly by Innergy, Inc. Searchable back issues. Presents a FAQ on technical issues and intranets.
The Intranet Journal
News, opinion, links to tools and other resources. Presents Intranet 101 on how to think about intranets, excerpted from an upcoming book by Randy J. Hinrichs entitled "Intranets: What's The Bottom Line?".
Web journal and discussion area about Intranets sponsored by Just In Time - Bay area internet consultants.
The Net
The online version of the end-user focussed monthly magazine, The Net - Check out the Blue Pages for links to interesting sites.
New Architect
Previously a magazine for the working web developer called Web Techniques. Now just another internet trade rag for "people who are laying the technology foundations for their organizations."
Web Developer Magazine
This site has searchable articles, useful faqs and a sister magazine Web Toolz that puts tools and reviews in one place.

Accessbility/Disability Issues

W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities and pursuing accessibility of the Web through five primary areas of work: technology, guidelines, tools, education & outreach, and research & development.
Bobby is a free web-based service that will help you make web pages accessible to people with disabilities and also checks for browser or standard compatibility.
Vischeck Color Vision Simulator
Allows you to check a web page or image against how it looks to people with various sorts of color vision deficiencies.
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
Requires access to the Federal government's electronic and information technology and establishes accessibility standards for all government web sites.
Rich In Style
Exhaustive resources on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) including templates esp. for accessibility.
Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education (AWARE) from HTML Writers Guild
Resource for web authors for learning about web accessibility.
Web Accessibility from Alliance for Technology Access
Links to help ensure universal access to web pages by people with vision, hearing, cognitive, physical and economic barriers to access.
American Foundation for the Blind
Web Accessibility links.
Safe Web Colours for colour-deficient vision
Information and design tools to assist in web design appropriate for accessibility by those having a color vision deficiency.

Building a Web Page

HTML Guides

CNET Web Building
News, tutorials, design and lots more.
Developing a High-End Web Site
Design and style guidelines, advanced topics.
HTML Jump Gate
Web authoring resources - esp. for the Macintosh!
Web development tutorial & information site - HTML, JavaScript, Java, CGI/Perl and more.
Computers and Internet:Software:Data Formats:HTML:Guides and Tutorials
Yahoo's latest pointers to HTML tutorials.
Webmakers Help Sites
A collection of pointers to style guides and more.
NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML
An archive of a good beginner's guide, graphics, scripting and JAVA.
Style Guide
HTML Style Guide. See also Realizing the Full Potential of the Web for a variety of resources.
Composing Good HTML
Addresses stylistic points of HTML composition, both at the document and the web level.
HTML Quick Reference Good overview of tags and their meanings. Check out the rest of HTML Goodies for tutorials and resources for beginning HTML.
Annabelle's HTML
Basic info on HTML tags.
Ask Dr. Website
An archive of columns from Internet World/Web Week on various topics - html, java, graphics, cgi, site management - and you can submit your own question to Dr. Website.
Yaul C/AIM Style Manual
Style manual for web pages, interface design and performance optimization.
Lycos Web Design
Resources for HTML,
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
Offers articles and advice for people developing for Internet Explorer - coding for IE, using stylesheets, and more.
Running a WWW Service
A comprehensive handbook - written for for UK academic institutions, but worth browsing.
Netscape extensions
Where to find out how to do backgrounds, floating images and tables for Netscape 1.1b and later.
Web Pages that Suck
An irreverant look at web page design - Vincent Flanders offers lessons and critiques worth reading.
The Table Sampler from Netscape
Examples of varying widths and other table tricks.
Net Tips for Writers and Designers
Design tips for experienced html users.
Netscape's Frames: An Introduction
Frames - how they work, how to target them and implementation notes.'s Netscape Frames Tutorial
Frames in five lessons.
Webspinner's Introduction to Frames
Templates and examples for laying out frames.
Dynamic HTML Guru
Exploring new possibilities in DHTML development.

HTML Editors

Yahoo:Computers and Internet:Software:Internet:World Wide Web:HTML Editors
Yahoo's latest HTML editor list by platform.
HTML Editors
An overview of commercial and non-commercial HTML editors for Macintosh.

Bare Bones Software
BBEdit is the premier Macintosh text editor. Special extensions assist HTML coding tasks. Freeware version, BBEdit Lite, available.

Adobe Pagemill
This first commercial WYSIWYG editor - now in version 2.0. (Macintosh and Windows)
Claris Home Page
WYSIWYG editor with publishing, support for popular multimedia plug-ins. (Macintosh and Windows)
Macromedia's editor pitched at the web designer who wants hands-on html editing integrated with WYSIWYG and site layout tools.
GoLive Cyberstudio
Web authoring product with some site management. WYSIWYG HTML coding plus free-form, grid-based design tools. (Macintosh)
HAHT Software's Hahtsite
Site development tool handles visual page creation, graphics processing, team development, dynamic HTML generation, database access, scalability, professional debugging, and more. (Windows)
Microsoft FrontPage
WYSIWYG editor with some site management features. (Windows and Macintosh)
NetObjects Fusion
Page layout-style WYSIWYG editor with some site handling features. (Windows and Macintosh)
Macromedia Backstage Internet Studio
WYSIWYG Web page authoring and site management, plus database connectivity, e-mail forms, discussion groups, and more.
Softquad's HoTMetaL Pro
WYSIWYG editor with some site management in the Windows version. (Windows, UNIX, Macintosh) Beware - this site is a bandwidth hog.
Symantec's Visual Page
WYSIWYG editor supports Java applets and more. (Macintosh)

HTML Tools

WWW & HTML tools
W3 and HTML Tools page at CERN (maintenance stopped 11/96)
HTML Converters
Helper applications for creating HTML
Converters to and from HTML
An index to HTML converters to and from many formats on many platforms, plus a threaded discussion if you need to ask for something you don't see here.
Microsoft Site Builder Network
Membership-based site for people developing for Internet Explorer, offers advice, articles and deals on software.

Hypermail from Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT)
Freeware - mail to web-based threaded discussion/archive converter for UNIX systems. Check out other EIT software goodies.
Info Access's HTML Transit
HTML conversion tool handles most word processor formats and large documents. (Windows)

Design Resources

Usable Web
Links on human factors, user interface issues, and usable design.
Jakob Nielsen's usability website
Web Page Design for Designers
Articles and resources for designers doing web work.
Rich In Style
Exhaustive resources on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) including templates, bug reports, and much more.

Guides regarding Images/Graphics

Bandwidth Conservation Society
Tips & tricks for low bandwidth web graphics. Graphics page
Pointers to information on graphics, tutorials and more.
GIF Animation on the WWW
Tutorial on creating GIF89a files.
Gif Lube
Web Site Garage's utility for reducing the size of an image.
The Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resource Page
Multiplatform pointers to transparent/interlaced gif utilities and plugins.
Optimizing Animated GIFs
Andrew King's advice on browser-friendly GIF animation.
Portable Network Graphics
A lossless compression standard created as an alternative to GIF - that provides better compression and image interlacing.

Graphics Resources - Icons, Clip art, Backgrounds and more

Yahoo: Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Page Design and Layout:Icons
Giant list of icon and bar sources.
A Mining Co. Guide to Web Clip Art
Extensive ointers to clip art collections.
Finding Images on the Web
Info on copyright, links to image searching and collections.

MediaBuilder's online ButtonMaker
Browse their extensive library of graphics and icons or turn any gif (by providing its URL) into a button. Animated gifs and more.
Four Bees Graphics Collection
A collection of icons, bars, balls, etc. with a fabulous page of links to other resources.
Alphabets by Talyce
The Dragon Alphabet and other images and icons.
Disability Graphics
Graphics of interest to the disability community, including icons, wheelchairs, and fingerspelling.
Genealogy Graphics from Mousepad
Trees, charts and old-timey graphics for your genealogy pages.
Icon Bazaar
A collection of icons, bars, animated gifs, and clip art.
This site is devoted to the preservation of the icon. There are 1,000s of icons here.
Library Clipart Collection
Books and other media - icons and .gif files.
Moyra's Web Jewels
Many elegant sets of web art for use on personal web pages.

Barry's Clip Art
Animated clip art for web pages.
GIF Animation Station
Very large collection of animated GIFs.
GIF Builder
Mac program for animating GIFs from a variety of formats including Quicktime.
Gif World
Large browsable collection of animated gifs.
Animation Grove
A large collection of cute, cartoon-type animations. Available to non-commercial sites for a link.

3D Cafe
3D graphics, models and pointers to commercial sites.
Ultimate 3D Links
Searchable objects, links to free and commercial objects, textures, software, books and generally all things 3D.

Absolute Background Textures Archive
Large, well indexed collection of backgrounds.
Imagine textures
Searchable texture archive. Interesting patterns - but the samples are a bit small in version 1.0.
Texture Land
JPEG background images to download.
Pattern Land
Large collection of background images with test mode to show the whole screen look.

RGB to Hex converter
Convert standard RGB values into hexadecimal.
RGB Color Calculator
Convert standard RGB values into hexadecimal.
Hex Mixer
Gives the web safe blocks of color and allows you to see text & background combinations.
Color Picker II
Gives the web safe blocks of color and allows you to see link colors and background combinations.

Generating PDF

Acrobat sales, upgrades, some user tips & FAQs.
Planet PDF
Acrobat & PDF news, links & resources.
Acrobat tools, tips & tricks. Searchable links to third party vendors for problem solving plug-ins and programs.
Don Lancaster's Acrobat Library
Tutorials and utilities for using Acrobat for the web.
Pure PDF
A webzine focused on Acrobat and digital publishing.
PDF Planet
A comprehensive and independent site focused on Adobe Acrobat/PDF users and uses, plus free tools and useful plug-ins for Acrobat.

Programming Resources

Perl/CGI/Javascript Archives

CGI resources
Pointers to a wide variety of CGI resources - scripts in a variety of languages; documentation and jobs.
Tutorials, script archives and resources.
NCSA CGI overview
Introduction to CGI, documentation and script archive.
Learn to Write CGI-Forms
Perl and CGI tutorial. - a Perl5 CGI Library
A giant file of Perl 5.003 scripts.
Matt's Script Archive
Perl scripts for common functions - guestbook, form mailing, counter, chat, etc. Plus some C++ scripts.
CGI script archive for Windows & Unix written in C/C++, Java, Perl, or Visual Basic.
Java Script Source
Hundreds of free JavaScripts that are available to you for use on your web pages.
LInks to the various web & script resources at (WebReference, Java Script Source, Script Source, etc.)
Script Search
CGI script archive written in a variety of languages, also scripts for Java applets, compiled C/C++ programs, VRML worlds, and many other resources.
Javascript and DHTML script archive.
Documentation, binaries, tutorials and more.

Java Information

Gamelan: The Official Directory for Java
The latest development tools plus lots of useful applications are archived here.
Hot Java
Sun's WWW Browser, using the Java object-oriented programming language.
Symantec's Java Central
Various development tools for Java. (Macintosh and Windows)
The Java Boutique
The latest applets and news about Java from Mecklermedia.
Java FAQ Archives
A source for technical FAQs on all Java platforms.

XML (Extensible Markup Language), The XML Industry Portal
This site is designed to provide a credible source of accurate, timely information about the application of XML in industrial and commercial settings and to serve as a reference repository for specific XML standards such as vocabularies, DTDs, schemas, and namespaces.
Current information on the emerging XML specification with links to XML implementions, conferences, news and more.
A site for XML developers and users. Annotated guide to the XML specification.
Answers and links about XML maintained by the W3C XML SIG.
XML Arena
XML Tool archive including Applications, Authoring Tools, B2B, Content Management, Converters, Database Utilities, Development Tools, Fundamental Components, Publishing Tools, Solutions, and tools relating to Web Infrastructure.
Mecklermedia's sites offers articles, tutorials, parsers and more for XML users from beginners and veterans.
Beyond HTML
Michael Floyd offers news and articles (primarily from his column of the same name) on XML and more.
PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Information

VRML Repository
Another comprehensive VRML site - good selection of browsers.
How did VRML come to be? Lots of history.
VRML Works
Great first stop - How to choose a vrml browser, using, visiting and creating vrml worlds and more.

Open Source Code Information

Advogato projects
Links to Open Source code for a variety of applications.
Apache Software Foundation
Creators of the most widely used web server on the net, various other Open Source projects. <

Website Administration

Tools and Helper Applications

Netscape's Creating Netsites FAQ
HTML Guides, Added Functionality and Development Tools.
Webweaver's Page
Tools for aspiring web weavers.
GIF Builder
Mac program for animating GIFs from a variety of formats including Quicktime.
Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders are all names for programs that traverse the Web automatically. Check out MOMspider to help maintain your site.
Glimpse is an indexing and query system that can be set up to index and search files you put up. This is the search engine behind Harvest.
KE Texpress is an object-oriented post-relational information management system. See their home page for people using their indexing engine.
Net Mind
Mind-it's "change detection" technology to provide their site with a free automatic update service. URL-minder keeps track of resources on the Web, and automatically sends e-mail when changes are made. Demo for webweavers available.
Track Engine
TrackEngine is a tool for change detection with some extras list alerting to specific events and delivering pages you missed.
Net Mechanic
Their robot will search your site for broken links and deliver the results to you via e-mail.
The Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resource Page
Multiplatform pointers to transparent/interlaced gif utilities and plugins.

Serving Web Pages

NCSA HTTPd Overview
Advice on serving with HTTPd (with general advice and tutorials on administering servers, CGI, etc.)
MacHTTP software updates, tools, examples, and all sorts of information related to running a WWW server on a Mac here.
Web Compare
Comparison site for in-depth information on server software for the World Wide Web.

Web Site Management

Macromedia Backstage Internet Studio
WYSIWYG Web page authoring and site management, plus database connectivity, e-mail forms, discussion groups, and more. (Windows)
Netcarta Webmapper
Site mapping and maintenance product. (Windows)
Link Scan
Site mapping and broken link detection. (UNIX and Windows NT)
See also the section above on HTML Editors many of which also include some site management capability.

Installing Counters, Search engines, Guestbooks, Mailing lists, Free Content, etc.

The Free Site
A wide variety of free things including web and java software.
Web Counter
Independent counter service. They now charge a fee based on hit counts.
Matt's Script Archive's Counter
C script for a local counter.
Beseen from LookSmart
A variety of counters, search boxes, chat/bulletin board & banner services. [warning, read user agreement - your content belongs to them.]
Home Page
A collection of tools to make your site more interactive.

Search Tools for Web Sites, Intranets and Portals
This site provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology.
Pico Search
Free search engine for up to 1500 pages, various payment options for larger sites.
Free search engine for sites up to 500 pages, various payment options for larger sites.
Mondo Search
Fee-based service that includes multi-language support and other specialized features.

Yahoo Groups
Free mailing lists with archives & some web space hosted on their web server.

A free guest book service.
My Postcards
Free postcard set-up for non-commercial sites, plus commercial postcard software.

Free, customizable threaded bulletin board service with 250 message archive.
Free Boards
Free threaded bulletin board service with cookies, search engine, a database with each view of each message.

News Is Free
News headlines for your site.
Free and low cost content that anyone can use to increase the appeal, usefulness, traffic and eventually the stickiness of their website.

Journal and Weblog sites
Diary search enginev
Weblog/Journal Software, Push-Button Publishing
Weblog/Journal Software, uncensored
Weblog/Journal Software, cutsey, email forwarding
Weblog/Journal Software
Weblog/Journal Software, no adult content
Weblog/Journal Software, anonymous only but uncensored
The Open Diary
Weblog/Journal Software, Anonymous diaries

Internet Commerce

General E-Business Info

Electronic Commerce Guide offers articles, news and product reviews.
ZDnet E-Business
News, reviews, advertising, security and other topics.
CMP Net Business
Building tools for Intranet, Extranet or Internet, plus news, reviews and other resources.
Internet Advertising Bureau
Tips on advertising your commerce site.
4 Your $
Afilliate and referral program guide, sorted by category with ratings.
Search Engine Watch
Search engine listings and advice on how to get your site listed.

Affiliate Programs

Associate It
Directory of over 1,000 Affiliate and Associate programs.
Cash Pile
Ratings of a wide variety of affiliate programs and information on joining and starting them.
Link Exchange
They offer a variety of promotional tools - affiliate programs, banner ad exchange, etc. They also offer site enhancements like counters, lists and more.
BeFree Affiliate Services
Sign up for BeFree affiliate programs.

Viewing the Web

Web Browsers and Other Software for Web Access

Browser Watch
Pointers to lots of browers, plug-ins and more. This site has consistently demonstrated clear and excellent use of the latest in web formatting. Worth watching for that alone.
Internet Index
Internet Information & Resource Directories, including to HTML, web clients and more.

NCSA Mosaic
Internet Explorer
MacWeb and WinWeb
For Windows
Trumpet Needed to use Cello
Source, plus information and help with Lynx (multiplatform)
DOS Lynx

Searching for an Internet Service Provider

The List
A truly amazing world-spanning list from Mecklarmedia.
Search Web Hosting
Web hosting news, products and technical tips.

And last of all when it's over and your are feeling totally crazed - check out
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