Needle Arts Resources



General pointers

Milieux: The Costume Site
A link resource for Historical, Science Fiction & Fantasy Costumers.
The Costume Page
An index of costume and costuming-related links, for the benefit of those who study and/or make costumes: costumers, students, historical re-enactors, science fiction fans, dancers, theatrical costumers, writers, and those interested in fashion, textile art, and costume history.
Diana's Textiles Server
A wonderful list of resources for all the sewing and needlearts.
Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild
GBACG's list of upcoming events and useful tips!
South Bay Costumers Guild
The Bay Area's other Guild chapter offering event information and links.
SCA-inspired links from Shirin/Leanne
Links to various cultures, clothing, embroidery and leather.
Fashions: What Women Wore
History of women's fashions, and how fashions have influenced the lives of women in different periods. Historical costumes, essays and more.

Costume College
Annual event providing educational classes and programs regarding all aspects of costuming; from hands on workshops and demonstrations on costume-related projects, to lectures regarding the history of clothing and other costume subjects, as well as tours of local costume-related businesses and areas in Los Angeles.
Costume Con
The premiere venue for Costume-Con conferences & history, links to other Web-based costume resources, and places to go for other costume-related events and materials.

Costuming How-to or Research Sites

Costuming in Antiquity

Costume of the Ancients
Plates and text from Thomas Hope's studies, first published in 1809.
The Textile Chamber
The Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm offers views of its textile collection which contains both wellpreserved fabrics and embroideries from the Middle Ages and more recent times and prehistoric fragments discovered by archaeologists.
The Woad Page
A page devoted to the growing and use of Woad - including body painting!

Costuming in the Middle Ages

Anglo-Saxon Living History 400-900 AD
This living history society offers extensive resources on Anglo-Saxon life, including costume.
The Ravensgard Medieval Page
A things medieval, check out the Costuming & Textiles section.
Medieval Scotland for Re-enactors
Articles from Sharon Krossa on costumes, names, history and more.
Regia Anglorum
Living in Early Medieval Europe in general and Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain in particular. Articles on textiles, nalebinding, tablet weaving, shoemaking and more.
Vikings Page
Information on Vikings, check out the footwear pattern and the ornamentation comments.
Clothing of the Ancient Celts
Mara Riley's excellent notes on Celtic costume from Hallstat to Medieval. Also lots of links to related sites.
Eachna's Celtic Clothing Index
Making clothing for women & men doing Celtic re-enactment.
Early English Costume: Women's Fashion from the Time of William of Normandy
One author's presentation of typical clothing of noblewomen in early England, after the time of William the First from Dion Clayton Calthrop's English Costume: I. Early English.

Costuming in the Rennaissance

Elizabethan Period Costumes
Info for Renn Faire costumers.
The Rennaisance Tailor
Excellent site with instructions for those making 16th & 17th century costumes.
Bloomers 4U.Com
Handmade Bloomers, Knickers, Chemises, Petticoats, Capris and Pantaloons in Victorian, Renaissance and Civil War styles.

Costuming in the Modern Era

A wide selection of historical, ethnic, and specialty patterns, books and costuming supplies.
The Victorian Fashion Pages
Sewing info, historical research, sewing advice, and direction including pattern reviews.
Cornell Costume and Textile Collection
The online gallery features highlights of the Collection, many with 3-D rotation so you can study the garments.

Leatherwork and Shoemaking How-to or Research Sites

Footwear of the Middle Ages
A fabulous treatise on creating period footwear with extensive drawings and instructions.
Leather Working
Anglo-Saxon shoes and leatherwork.
Native American Technology and Art
Clothing, moccasins, leather tanning.

Commercial Sources/Readymade

Irish Dance Page
A costume shop creating custom Irish Dance Costumes.
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
Supplying 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history, specializing in Historic Clothing, Camp Gear, Tents, Books, Music, Knives, Tomahawks, Oak kegs and other assorted goods for reenacting the periods from 1750 to 1840 especially the French & Indian War, American Revolution, and War of 1812.
Museum Replicas Ltd
Comfortable, well made costumes for Renn Faire, SCA and fantasy wear; along with fabulous blades and accessories.
MoiRandall's Web Catalog
Readymade Renn Faire garb and patterns and a variety of patterns including Jacobite.
The Armory
Weapons and replicas from most every time period.
Custom corsets for any period, for any body type.
Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Custom made moccasins and "Faire boots".
Pendragon Costumes
Fine leather bodices and doublets, Elizabethan ready made costumes for any class.

Bellydancing/Danse Oriental

Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide
Extensive links for all aspects of Middle Eastern dance.
SF Bay Area Middle Eastern Dance Page
Pointers to dancers, troupes, merchants, costume info and much more.
MECDA - San Francsico
The San Francisco branch of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association offers a calendar of events and links to local resources.
Aleena's Belly Dance Information
Dancers and festivals, a gallery of fabulous photos!
Artemis Imports
Fine bellydance supplies, music, videos and clothing from Morocco.
Flying Skirts
Costuming for the Tribal Bellydancer (by a costumer to FatChanceBellyDance), for everything from practice to performance.
L. Rose Designs
Silks and velvets and amazing handmade costume pieces for Tribal or Cabaret style dancers.
Saroyan Mastercrafts
Finger cymbals and Middle Eastern dance accessories.
Egyptian and Turkish costumes, accessories, music and more.
Fatima's Bazaar
Bellydance basics, great hip scarf selection.
Goddess page
Bellydance costumes in larger sizes.

Mid-East Mfg., Inc/Ethnic Musical Instruments Co.
Ethnic instruments and instructional information on Balalaikas, Wood Doumbeks, Tambourines, Standing Drums, Djun-Djuns, sur Bahars, Tamburas, Veenas, Dilrubas, Israjs, Sarods, Gongs, Ankle Bells, Manjeras, Flutes, Talking Drums, Didjeridoos, Sazd, Hoof Rattles, Agogos, Zills, Bouzoukis, Lutes; and, Goatskin, Calfskin, and Fishskin Drum Heads.
The Henna Page
A Guide to Henna decorations - descriptions of the plant, recipes for paste and some designs.

Handarts - Needlepoint, Cross-Stitch, Quilting and more

General pointers

All Crafts
Pointers to everything crafty.
Cross-Stitch home page
The Cross-Stitch FAQ from rec.crafts.textiles.needlework and other resources.
Knitting Magazine
Information for knitters and spinners.
World Wide Quilting Page
A variety of online resources for quilters.
Neighbors & Friends
The National Arts & Crafts Market Guide brings lists of crafts shows and more.
Pointers to cross-stitch, needlework, embroidery, lacemaking.
The Sewing FAQ
General information on sewing, sewing machines and quilting.
A variety of sewing resources.
Ursa Software
Charting programs for both Windows and Mac.
Sample patterns, illustrations and videos for the most-used stitches in a variety of crafts, including knitting, crochet, crochenit, tatting, and embroidery.

Speciality designs

Pegasus Originals
Beautiful designs - animals, scenes, fantasy, western, Marty Bell, Mike Vickery, and more - well displayed. List of shops that carry Pegasus products.
Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage
Information on medieval/renn embroidery and needlework styles.
Allyson's Needlecraft
Original designs with Australia/Antarctica themes for beginning and advanced stitchers.
Steph's Home Page
Original designs for needlework, info on bobbin lace, tatting, crochet & more.
Celtic Cross Stitch
Online Celtic Alphabet chart generator, plus a variety of kits and charts for all levels of stitchers. (located in Ireland)
Mufu's Rabbitry & Cross Stitch
Charts for variety of fantasy artwork, several Tarot decks (licensed from US Games), Art Nouveau and Victorian, plus custom work.
Witches Stitches
Beautiful patterns & kits - Mother Berchta Yule stocking, Cosmos Pentacle, and more.
Crafts from Pan
Patterns & kits for Circle quotes and altar pieces, Celtic crosses, oak leaves and more
PhoeniX Designs
Vickey Brickle-Macky offers charts for Celtic knotwork designs, Dragons, Creatures of Myth, and Pagan/Wiccan/American Indian Shamanism related designs.
de la Tour designs
Lovely, mostly monochrome designs with a Victorian sensibility.

Local shops

Whiffle Tree Quilts
A Cupertino quilting store that has really great fabric! Check out their class schedule online.
Dharma Trading Company
San Rafael source of fabric paints and dyes, fabric and clothing for painting on and supplies for the fabric artist.
Michaels Arts & Crafts
This is a North American chain store with supplies for many kinds of projects.

Commercial sites with useful items

DMC Corporation
Information on embroidery floss and other products as DMC celebrates its 250th Anniversary!
Needlearts Mall
A collection of storefronts supporting various needle arts and crafts along with instructions and articles free to visitors.
Needlework Resources
Index of software available (for purchase) for needleworkers, also info on PCX and others.
Needlecraft Showcase Shopping Mall
Find stores, designers, distributors, manufacturers and more.
Stitcher's Source
Online source of needlework supplies, Bucilla products, also featuring designs by Mirabilia and other designers

Online fabric stores

Online fabric store for quilting, sewing and fashion, with over 14,000 fabrics in stock. eQuilter specializes in Asian-Pacific & contemporary quilt fabrics & batiks, and carries 100% cotton fabrics; plus tapestries, exotic rayon prints & imported silks! Japanese fabrics and Bali / Indonesian batiks start at 42" wide. All others are 44" unless otherwise indicated.
Fabric Blowout
Quilting, crafts and sewing fabrics at under $4.99 a yard.
Fabric Club
Wholesale fabric, notions and general merchandise available through mail order. No minimum purchase. Club membership brings extra benefits.
Fabric, notions and knitting supplies at 40% or more below retail price.
Fashion Fabric Club
Buy a wide variety of fabrics at wholesale prices. Included are cotton, silk, linen, wool, blends, synthetics, prints, knits, woven, bridal and special occasion and home decorating fabric. Always a 100% money back guarantee. Club membership brings extra benefits.

Other Crafts I'm interested in

Polymer Clay

The Polymer Page (Houston)
Advice, information, bibliographies and featured artists make this an excellent page.
Polymer Clay Central
A variety of resources for the artist and pointers to demos, sources and more.
Jenea's Art box
Polymer clay demos and links.

Leather Crafting

Leather and Tool Resources on the Web
A mega-site listing links to leather crafting.
Fenice, Inc.
Lots of info for leather technicians - choosing good leather, etc.


Bead Nation
Directory to beading websites, including supplies or artist sites.
Fire Mountain Gems & Beads
Premier site for bead and jewelry crafting. Beads, stones, gems, findings, patterns and ready made jewelry with bulk pricing available.
Ciara's beading pages
Instruction and links - home of the beader's webring.
Aunt Molly's Bead Street
Instructional patterns & projects, a gallery and more.
Baton Rouge Bead Company
Good selection of stone and glass beads, findings, beading patterns and supplies.
Land of Odds
Beads, jewelry findings, beading supplies, books -- Retail-Quantity Discounts-Wholesale
Shipwreck Beads
Over 24,000 different beads and 500+ beading books in the Fall 2003 catalog.
Czech Beads
Beautiful Bohemian glass beads and Korean findings.
Auntie's Beads & Jewelry Findings
Beads and beading supplies including Swarovski crystal beads, glass beads, beading, discount beads, crystal.


Goddess Creative Designs
Unique, ethnic, and spiritual stencils that appeal to craft persons of all levels, artists and interior designers.
Periwinkle Essential Stencils
An eclectic collection, inspired by such diverse sources as ancient Japanese screen paintings, the Botanical paintings of the naturalists, early English and Delft pottery, William Morris' fabric and wallpaper, and Classic design elements of the past 20 centuries. Useful tips and techniqes pages.
Resources for the stenciler.

Card/Tablet Weaving

SCA Table Weaving Archive
Instructions and patterns, photos of examples and a bibliography.
Card Weaving - A Primer
A one page intro to the craft.
Card Weaving
Text and Illustrations by Bart & Robin Blankenship adapted from their book, Earth Knack: Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century.

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